This article is intended for budding backend developers on how to get started in being a backend software developer.
Horgan Famodu founded and is the managing director of the $10 million venture capital firm targeting early-stage startups across Sub-Saharan Africa's key tech markets.
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Folashade Fapohunda, worked in a hospital as an accountant but COVID19 cases started to increase and she was at risk. The hospital closed down and she lost her job.
You need to stay focused and believe in that purpose for scaling. Being consistent is the way to mastery.
The relationship between technology and government is the epitome of a “Love, Hate” affair; so now the world is waiting to see if President-Elect, Joe Biden will be the one to reignite the passion. At one point in time, the US government represented Prometheus, giving the earth the building blocks of world changers like the...
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Africa has the largest youth population, which creates a growth opportunity. This opportunity is stifled by poverty and unemployment, with the current COVID19 crisis expected to further drive unemployment, foreclosures, and an economic recession, thereby placing tremendous stress on millions of African youth.
Ingressive For Good partnered with DataCamp to close data skill gaps and provide access to high-quality data training for 1000 African youths for free. With these training, all selected participants will have access to career paths in Data Analysis, Data Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, Python programming, R Programming, and more. These are the...
Ingressive For Good (I4G), a non-profit focused on providing tech training for one million African youth, has partnered with DataCamp, the leading interactive learning platform for data science and analytics, to close data skill gaps and provide access to high-quality data training for thousands of Africans for free.
Stephen Michael was looking for ways to improve himself and upskill but COVID interrupted his plans. During the lockdown, he searched for online courses and most of them cost over $300.
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