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About Giving

Our mission is to increase the earning power of African youths by empowering them with tech skills, resources, community, and opportunities. We want to this for one million African youth.

70% will be geared towards program activities, 20% will be spent on administrative expenses including payroll, and 10% will be used for outreach programs.

Only if you donate to fund a specific program and cover the cost of that program entirely. However, you can trust that all funds will be used to fuel the mission.

We share our annual reports at the end of the year with all our donors. You can take a look at past reports here to see how past donations have been used. We also provide audited financial reports.

We are a 501(c)3 organization. All donations to Ingressive for Good are tax deductible in the US. You will receive an email that contains all the information you need.

We accept all payment options available on our current payment portal and direct transfers to our American US dollar account and Nigerian USD or Naira account. Click this link to find multiple ways to donate to I4G.

If you can donate, it would mean the world to us. You can donate to our GoFundMe campaign here. If you cannot donate, please help us by sharing, that also makes a massive difference and means a lot to us.

When we receive a donation from you, you automatically receive a receipt. You also  receive quarterly updates on our programs and progress unless you opt out.

We’re excited that you’re thinking about making a donation. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please click here to schedule a meeting with our cofounders.

If you experience any issues, please click here to schedule a meeting with our cofounders. We do not issue refunds.

There are so many ways to get involved. You can volunteer, partner with us, share opportunities, hire a talent, mentor beneficiaries, so much more. Please click this link to learn more.

About Scholarships

The scholarship is for every African youth looking to build a career in tech. Some scholarships are however, specifically for African women in tech to create more equitable opportunities for women. You can apply to the laptop support program here.

You don’t need a laptop to start the course. However, you will benefit from having a laptop to practice what you learn. People who show dedication to their learning will be considered when choosing laptop beneficiaries

All our trainings are virtual which means you can be anywhere in the world and take the training on your device.

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If you complete your training, you will get an e- certificate to share on LinkedIn and other social media platforms

All scholarships have varying durations. Scholarships may last between 3 months and 12 months

Yes you can, but you only get a maximum of 2 scholarships in 2 years. 

The trainings are 100% free and will only require your 100% commitment in return

Scholarships cannot be passed on to others. If you are unavailable to take use an already awarded scholarship, make an official request to be removed from the program.

Join our community and follow us on social media @ingressive4good so you’re notified when there’s an opportunity

Unfortunately, you cannot defer a scholarship but the good news is, there will be plenty more opportunities to apply for in the future.

Your scholarship may have been revoked because one of the terms of agreement was violated

We receive tons of applications for each scholarship opportunity but only have space for a few. If you’re on the waitlist, it means you’ll be one of the first to be considered if an opportunity opens up in the same cohort

Our scholarships cost a lot of money, so when you get opportunities as a beneficiary over thousands of applicants who wanted it badly, and you do not complete the program, you will be unable to apply for I4G scholarships for 2 years.

About Community

To join our large community of techies, please fill this form

I4G Circles are specifically for students in cities and campuses all over Africa while the network is for every African youth in tech

To be a part of our exclusive alumni community, you must have completed and received a certificate for one of our technical trainings. You must also complete the survey, and fill the alumni form. There you’ll get access to resources and opportunities to help you increase your chances of getting a job. You will also be in the same community with our placement partners.

Please visit this page to find your circle and the and corresponding ambassador

To create a circle, you must be an I4G ambassador. Join the I4G Ambassador Waiting List to be the first to know when the application is open.

If your company would like to leverage our community and give value to them, please reach out here.

If you’d like your story to be featured on the blog, please share your story with us here or schedule a chat with us so we can hear all about you

You can get free merch from us when you participate and win any one of our community challenges. You can also get a merch here. For everyone you get, you are making a donation to I4G.

General Questions

We share available job opportunities at Ingressive for Good on our LinkedIn job page. Please follow us to be the first to know when an opportunity arises.

We celebrate you and we are happy to see you succeed. However, this is not in line with the structure of our microscholarship programs. Nonetheless, we wish you all the best and we are rooting for you.

Sometimes, our emails are automatically directed to your spam/ junk mail folders. To ensure that you receive emails from us, please include our email address on your ‘allow list’. 

Please contact us here or send an email to one of our team members, or reach out to us via social media.

At Ingressive for Good, we do not fund startups. However, our sister company backs tech startups with up to $400K. Read more about Ingressive Capital.

Please fill our talent sourcing form here, and we will share your opportunity with our community.

You can share your story with us here or schedule a chat with us so we can get to know you

You’re far too kind. We are always looking for individuals who can directly impact the lives of our youth. Please fill this form to apply

We love you for wanting to give back. You can give back to us by making a donation, mentoring someone, sharing your story with us, sharing an opportunity with someone, sharing our GoFundMe campaign, and raising awareness amongst your friends and on social media

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