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How to Begin your Coding Journey

Overtime, one of the frequently asked questions we get from our community members is how they can start their coding journey.

To start learning, you need to have researched what path of tech you are interested in, that way you will be able to follow through your learning process.

 I4G organizes different training programs like I4GxZURI training for software development, I4GxDATACAMP scholarship for data analysis, data science and data engineering, Product management and Product Design. However you might join our community when either of these trainings are going on and want to start learning. Below are some curated resources that can get you started for free.

  • This platform provides a definite guide and a structured blueprint for any chosen tech path, it allows you to have a feel of what you need to learn and be aware of how technologies connect. It also provides links to resources.
  • Freecodecamp:  freecodecamp is a very good place to start learning web development, it provides a hands-on build as you learn model where you build mini projects as you learn new things. It offers free training on frontend, backend, data structure and algorithm and you get a certificate for each learning path you complete.
  • Mozilla Developers Network: MDN is one of the long-standing references and documentation for web developers. It is a strong ecosystem of documentation and data, and a lively community of contributors. It is used every day by professional web developers to do their jobs, and by students to learn new skills.
  • Microsoft Learn: Whether you’re just starting or an experienced professional, Microsoft Learn provides a hands-on approach that helps you arrive at your goals faster, with more confidence and at your own pace. It provides a well curated module that suits any learning path you are interested in, either web development, cloud, data science, data analysis, data engineering up to preparing  you for any Microsoft certification of your choice.
  • AWS Skill Builder:  AWS Skill Builder, helps learners achieve their goals in  AWS Cloud. With the option to access free,  digital training. AWS Skill Builder offers 500+ on-demand courses and learning plans so you can build the skills you need. You can Follow a recommended learning plan, specifically designed to help you build your knowledge and accomplish your career goals. It also provides a role-playing game called AWS Cloud Quest that helps you develop practical cloud skills using AWS services while solving puzzles, earning rewards, and learning about the cloud. Available roles include Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, Serverless Developer, and Machine Learning Specialist.
  • PluralSight: With a free pluralsight account you have access to a selection of always-free skills courses. It also provides assessments and guides that can help you build proficiency in your chosen path.

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