Press Kit
Bolatito Akanbi is a brand identity designer, passionate about creativity and its various forms of expression. He is the head of design and a program coordinator at Ingressive for Good
Ingressive For Good is a nonprofit organization with the mission to create and increase the earning power of African youth through tech training and resources for the growth of the African startup ecosystems.
Sean J. Burrowes is an operations management expert, passionate about building economic bridges between the African continent and its diaspora. He is the Cofounder and COO of Ingressive for Good
Maya Horgan Famodu is MD at Ingressive Capital, a $10 Million VC fund targeting early-stage startups across Sub-Saharan Africa’s key tech markets. She is the Cofounder of Ingressive for Good
Haneefah Abdurrahman Lekki is best known as a tech community builder passionate about the improvement of tech communities in Africa.
Blessing Abeng is a branding and communications expert dedicated to helping brands identify and communicate their value and identity. She is the Director of Communications at Ingressive for Good