Graphics Design Course Content

Module 1 – Introduction to Graphic Design

Definition: A definition of graphic design

History: The history of written communication from ancient to present times.

Specialities: Explanation of the various specialities within the industry of graphic design.

Module 2 – Elements and Principles of Graphic Design

Visual elements of Graphic Design

Line Visual element
Colour Visual element
Shape Visual element
Texture Visual element
Space Visual element
Typography Visual element

Design principles

Contrast Design principle
Hierarchy Design principle
Alignment Design principle
Balance Design principle
Proximity Design principle
Repetition Design principle
Simplicity Design principle

Module 3 – Introduction to Design in Photoshop

Beginners guide to Photoshop
Working with layers 
Using layer mask
Importing Images
Cutting images from background using the pen tool
Resizing and Cropping Images
Using the Type Tool
Creating an adjustment layer
Working with Gradients
Manipulating shapes

Module 4 – Creating your first Design : step by step process

Designing for Nike: application of things taught in previous modules in an easy to follow style. Sample files and fonts needed for this project will be provided for you.

  • Designing for sample brand called Alpha.
  • Manipulating using layer mask to hide and reveal
  • Cutting out model’s picture from background
  • Improving image quality using Adjustment later
  • Creating sport design
  • Magazine cover design: American football
  • Saving your work
  • File sizes
  • Understanding different file formats
  • Saving for web

Bonus Module 5 – Creating your first portfolio

Publishing your designs offline: Creating your offline portfolio in pdf format.
Web Asset resources: Links to platforms where you can find free high-quality images, fonts, and illustrations to work with.

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