Product Design Course Content

Module 1 – Getting started : What is User Interface Design

Definition of User Interface and User Experience Design 

Creating your Figma account

Module 2 – The environment of Figma

Figma is a robust design tool that helps you build a great responsive UI that helps with prototyping. In this module, you will learn about the Figma environment and its features.

  • Components
  • Colour and Text Styles
  • Masking and Understanding Grids
  • Boolean Groups & Wireframing
  • Manipulating Shapes
  • Importing and Duplicating
  • Iconography- Creating Icons from scratch

Module 3 – Creating your first UI design

In this Module, you will go through the process of creating a UI design project from start to finish. Images and assets used will be available. Your UI project will be for both mobile and desktop devices and will include prototyping.

  • Designing Mobile Application Screens – Clean Cruiz
  • Website Design – From start to Finish 
  • Netflix Mobile App design / Prototyping
  • Gaming App assignment project
  • Landing page design

Module 4 – Prototyping

How to Prototype
Sharing your work with others

Module 5 – Resources

Finding free design resources is usually a problem for many designers; we will be providing you with links to platforms where you can find illustrations and images to use for your design projects.

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