Brand Design Course Content

Module 1 – Understanding & Interpreting client briefs

In this module, you will learn how to interpret briefs and how to extract information that helps you meet your client’s needs.

Module 2 – Creating a logo questionnaire & asking the right questions

Asking the right questions is key to creating a compelling logo that resonates well with your client’s brand. This section teaches you what questions to ask so that your creative process is effective.

Module 3 – Pricing & Terms

Pricing and terms of work can be tricky. Learn how set expectations with your client, and how to get them to agree on a right price and terms of work.    

Module 4 – Information Gathering & Research

Learn about the different types of research you need to conduct before starting your logo design process.

Module 5 – Logo design, from sketch to finished design.

In this module, the instructor will take you through the entire logo design process, from a sketch on paper to fine-tuning your ideas in illustrator. The images, mockups, and assets you will need will be available so you can design along.

Module 6 – Presenting a Logo to a Client

There is a way to present your logo designs to clients and get them to fall in love with it. In this Module, you will learn the step-by-step process involved in creating your logo presentation document.

Module 7- Brand identity document design

A brilliantly designed brand identity document can take your branding game to the next level.

Module 8- Client assets

Discover what brand assets to send to your client.

Module 9- Packaging Design

Learn the principles of packaging design and implementation from start to finish.

Module 10- Design resources

Finding free design resources is usually a problem for many designers; we will be providing you with links to platforms where you can find illustrations and images to use for your design projects.

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    Hello, i have just seen this advert but unfortunately it is after the deadling and would like to apply and be considered for the second cohort. Is this a possibility. I would gain so much from this course.

  2. Lovelyn

    After going through the course content I think I will like to go for brand design instead of the graphics design I have already applied for,how do I edit please?

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