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Oluwatosin’s Courageous Move Into Marketing

I studied theatre arts as my first degree and I loved every bit of it. I enjoyed writing copies, scripts, developing series and creating all forms of content.

At some point, I started to feel like I could do more. I wanted to go beyond what I knew so I applied for a Digital Marketing training. I didn’t really enjoy it because it was too broad but during the course of the training, I discovered social media management. It involved a lot of content creation and some of the things I was already doing but on a larger scale. I decided it was going to build a career in this field.

The training was focused on every aspect of Digital Marketing so I had little knowledge of social media management at the end of it. I knew I needed to find more opportunities to upskill.

I saw a post about the I4GMarketing scholarship program. This was my chance to not just learn social media marketing but also to become a Meta Certified Marketer! I jumped at the chance and hoped to get selected.

When I got the congratulatory email, I was overjoyed. It felt like I was living my dreams!

I started the course immediately we were given access and I enjoyed every bit of it. I learnt so much from the program! Even more than I thought I would.

The talent boot camp organized by I4G after the course was also enlightening. I learnt pretty much all I needed to start my own career.

During the boot camp, I4G shared job opportunities with us and I applied for all of them but sadly I wasn’t selected for any. I felt bad but I believe the rejection emails were a blessing in disguise because it made me think of an alternative.

Yes, I wasn’t given an opportunity but what if I created my own instead?

I reached out to Adedolapo, one of the I4G admins and I told her about my dream to start up my own social media marketing agency to help businesses gain global visibility.

She encouraged me to give it a shot and I did. At this point, everything I learnt at the talent boot camp was applied.

After I had mapped out a strategy to begin, I knew I needed more hands, so I reached out to Adedolapo again. She advised me to create a job advert with a full job description like a professional and share it on the Telegram group. I did and I got so many applications.

I finally got two people on the team but unfortunately, one person opted out. I felt bad but I didn’t give up.

In 2 months, I have gotten a client who has decided to renew our one month contract! She loved the results she got from working with us. I feel so excited about this.

I and my team member are working hard to build up this brand and give every business we work with global visibility.

Social media marketing is now more than just a job for me. It’s an opportunity to change lives and make a difference.

Taking the step to build this agency shows how much my confidence in myself has grown. I’m grateful to I4G for empowering me with the skills I needed to do this.

I’m so excited about what the future holds!


  1. That’s so amazing! I’m also looking to pursue a career in content and social media marketing along school. Is it possible to get some knowledge on how to transition?

    1. User Avatar

      Aww this is cool. You can read our blog posts, we’ve shared blogs to help you learn how to transition into tech and build a successful tech career

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