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From Environmental Science to Digital Marketing

I’m currently in my third year studying Environmental Science at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). I enjoy the course I am learning  but I know that I have a very low chance of getting a good job to work with my degree because of the country I am in.

I was really worried about this, so I decided to start building another career. I wasn’t sure what to do but in the bid to earn some money as I find my path, I got an opportunity to work as a Personal Assistant to a business owner. 

One of the requirements of my job was to manage social media accounts. I had to learn this on the job because I had no prior experience in this field. I found it really interesting and thought it’d be great to start building a career in social media marketing. 

Fortunately, I am learning virtually at NOUN so it affords me the opportunity to do other things. 

Around the time I made a decision to pursue a career in marketing, I saw a post on Instagram about the I4GMarketing scholarship program and I immediately applied for it. This was my first time hearing about I4G. I also subscribed to the newsletters, joined the Telegram community and became a loyal follower on social media. I found the posts really helpful and engaging. One of the things I love about I4G is how accommodating they are. 

During the course of the scholarship program, I wasn’t really committed to the course. The constant emails and seeing that other beneficiaries were making so much progress made me feel like I was missing out on something valuable so I buckled up and gave my best to it. 

The course was beginner friendly and despite having some experience working as a social media manager, I still learnt so much from the program. 

I learnt some new skills and improved the ones I had before the program. 

I enjoyed every bit of the talent bootcamp too. It was really thoughtful of I4G to put the bootcamp together. I learnt so much about building a career in marketing. I even decided to do more than social media marketing. I wanted to become a Digital Marketer so, I started applying for job opportunities in this field and I got one as a Digital Marketing Executive!

I’m excited about the future and I have no fears about life after school. I’m more confident in myself and I feel empowered because of what I have gained from I4G. 

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