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Karishma’s Journey to Building A Career in Data Science

Making the decision to build a career in data science was not an easy one. I started learning on my own. At first, doubt lingered in my mind. However, my passion for coding and the belief that data science was the perfect career path was my driving force.

Coding has always fascinated me. Regardless of what I was learning, I found myself gravitating towards coding. It was like a secret language that I wanted to master. When I stumbled on a video called Data Science Roadmap on YouTube, I felt like I was on the right path.

I realized that to succeed in data science, I needed to grasp the coding languages used in the field. It was akin to learning any new language, and this foundation proved crucial in my progression. Following the six-month roadmap, I delved into the basics and acquired a solid understanding.

Upon completing the roadmap, I still felt incomplete despite the  knowledge and skills I had gained, so I created a GitHub and LinkedIn account. I was eager to connect with like-minded individuals. However, the challenge of creating projects and a portfolio worried me so I started working on hands-on projects using YouTube videos. I gradually gained confidence.

Recognizing the need for guidance, I sought a mentor through LinkedIn. When I finally found one, she proved to be a tremendous asset, offering invaluable advice on how to establish my presence in the data science community. I revamped my LinkedIn profile and connected with other data scientists. It made me feel part of a supportive and inspiring community.

To make progress in my data science journey, I realized the importance of showcasing my work and knowledge. I began by sharing simple topics on my LinkedIn profile and actively engaging with others’ posts. Not only did it help me gain recognition but also provided an opportunity to learn from and connect with industry professionals.

One day, a blessing crossed my path. Someone sent the I4G scholarship opportunity to me. I wasn’t sure I would get the scholarship but I applied anyway. Fortunately, I was selected! It felt like the best decision I had made in my data science journey. The scholarship provided more insight and knowledge. 

With the I4G scholarship, I found the organization’s structured curriculum to be immensely beneficial. It guided me through topics in a logical sequence, preventing confusion and the need to go back and forth. The practice and assessment sections forced me to understand each topic thoroughly, thereby solidifying my knowledge.

As I continue my data science course and approach its completion, I am filled with excitement about utilizing these acquired skills to improve organizations.

I am happy I’m a member of the I4G Community and I have the opportunity to share my story. This journey has given me direction, purpose, and the ability to make a positive impact in the world of data science.

My data science journey has been one of self-discovery, taking leaps of faith and continuous learning. 

From doubting myself to finding my place in a vibrant community, every step has shaped my career so far. With the support of mentors, online resources, and the I4G scholarship, I am confident in my ability to contribute to the field and make a meaningful difference. My story serves as a reminder that taking risks and following your passions can lead to incredible opportunities and personal fulfillment.

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