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Making An Impact With My Tech Skills

I knew getting a job in Nigeria after graduation was hard but considering my grades, I thought it might be a bit easier for me. I applied for several jobs but I either got rejected or didn’t get a reply at all. 

At some point, I had to forget my Political Science and International Relations degree and I joined the staff at my Mum’s school as an Administrative Assistant because I couldn’t get a job. I decided to use it as an opportunity to get myself involved in pretty much anything I found interesting. I learnt video editing, content writing and social media management. I started managing the school’s social media accounts and even created designs for flyers and posters. I found it really interesting. 

After I got married, I moved to Lagos from Abuja where I lived. I started looking for job opportunities and finally got one as an Admin Manager at a school. At this point, I had discovered my passion for education and empowerment. I knew I wanted to make an impact in the education sector but I wasn’t sure how so I started with where I was. 

I started taking courses in Digital Marketing because I found it interesting and I heard about the opportunities available in tech. 

One day, I saw a post about the I4GZuri scholarship program. I was interested in exploring so I applied to learn Software Development. I had never done a course in Software Development before the I4GZuri scholarship program. The course was tasking but pretty easy to understand. I love that we were able to learn through the resources provided and we also had task to do. I enjoyed learning from the mentors too. It prepared me for the job market.

Shortly after the scholarship program, my husband and I relocated outside the country. I had to start job hunting again. I was more relaxed this time because I felt I had the skills needed to land a job as a Software Developer. Unfortunately, gender bias is still a problem in the country I relocated to. Every time I applied for a job, there was always the conversation about me being a woman. Apparently, they believe women cannot be software developers.  

I felt bad but I didn’t give up. One day, I saw the I4GMarketing scholarship announcement. I applied for it because I already had an interest in Social Media Marketing. I got into the program and learnt even more than I knew before. It was really enlightening and I absolutely loved the talent boot camp. I gained so much knowledge from the speakers. 

I am glad I am now a Meta Certified Digital Marketer. I have been able to get remote marketing job offers and now work as a freelancer. One of which is a full time role as a Digital Marketer. My earning power has increased as I earn more than I did before the scholarship program.

I still have an interest in education and software development. I have plans to make a difference in the lives of children in my local environment by empowering them with tech skills. I’m also working on a partnership with an NGO in Nigeria to create a program that will give kids an opportunity to get empowered with tech skills too.

I’m really excited about how things have turned out for me since I encountered I4G. I have become more confident in myself, my career has taken a tremendous turn and my finances are doing so much better. I’m living a life of impact already. 

I’m so excited about the future and the lives I will be able to change with the skills, knowledge and resources I have gained from I4G. 

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