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Finding My Place in Cybersecurity

Just like many other secondary students, I wanted to go to the university to learn and gain a certificate but not just that, I really wanted to do something I genuinely enjoy. 

I thought about what I wanted to do but I couldn’t figure it out, so I decided to seek guidance from some friends and family, and I was advised to study medicine. I wasn’t interested in working as a doctor for the rest of my life so I opted for Biology instead. It seemed to be more interesting than medicine. 

I’m currently in my second year and I know I shouldn’t have chosen biology. I find it boring and I honestly don’t see myself building a career as a Biologist.

Still on a journey to finding my place, I started reading about different career paths and discovered Cybersecurity. I read everything I could about this field and I found it really interesting. I started watching YouTube videos to learn more about what it entails. The more I learnt about it, the more I fell in love with the idea of becoming a Cybersecurity analyst in the future. 

One day, I saw a post about the I4GCybersecurity scholarship on social media and I immediately applied. This was how I found out about I4G and the amazing opportunities they provide for Africans. 

To say I was excited about the scholarship is an understatement. I was super excited because not only was I going to learn about this field I had fallen in love with, I was also given an opportunity to become certified!

I started learning and within a few weeks, I was done with the course already. That’s how much I enjoyed it. 

The program was well structured and easy for newbies like me. I literally had no background in Cybersecurity and I’m happy I took advantage of the opportunity provided by I4G. 

I have completed my course and earned all my badges now. I feel so elated!

Although, I am still studying Biology at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. I plan to finish the course and earn my degree. I decided not to drop out because I love to finish whatever I start doing. 

At some point before I got my admission into the University, I did dropshipping so I could earn some money but it didn’t work out great and I decided to learn shoemaking. I still work and earn money as a shoemaker but I feel like my earning power has increased now that I have a tech skill. 

I’m a certified cybersecurity analyst and I have I4G to thank for it. I’m more excited about the future and the opportunities I can have access to with my skills!


  1. Bravooo

  2. Wonderful !!

    1. User Avatar

      We know right!

  3. Opportunities like these are a huge blessing. Acquiring skills in addition to a degree drastically expand one’s career options. Kudos to I4G!

    1. User Avatar

      Absolutely! Thank you for your kind words

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