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1000 Women in Design 2022: Selection and Eligibility Criteria

Last year, we helped 1000 women build skills in design to challenge the gender gap in the tech space in Sub Saharan Africa where women constitute just 30 per cent of the tech industry’s professionals. We’re not done yet. This year, we’re giving access to another 1000.

This year, we are expanding women’s access to design education and breaking the bias, stereotypes and discrimination as we continue to forge women’s equality in the design world. #BreakTheBias

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

  • Must be a youth (16-40)
  • Must be female/a woman
  • Must have financial need
  • Must be a little tech-savvy
  • Have little or no skill in design
  • Proof of African citizenship
  • Must have intentions of impacting Africa with this skill
  • Must have the resources and time to take the courses
  • A history of  participation in the local tech ecosystem could be a plus
  • Interested in upskilling in design and probably pursuing a career in design
  • Must show positive potential for – employability, potential growth rate, impact, etc.
  • In good social standing (no racial slurs, sexist slurs, or any negative social activity)
  • Other requirements deemed necessary by Ingressive For Good and Geneza.

Number of Scholarships: 1000 slots

Duration of Scholarship: 12-24 weeks

*We receive tens of thousands of applications, but there are only 1000 slots. The quality of your answers make all the difference.

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  1. Well done, great opportunity.

  2. Wow!Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. I’m very interested .

  3. I’m happy I came across this opportunity, because it’s a big move to help me achieve my goals to learn and become an expert in the tech world.
    Thank you so much Ingressive4Good for such an amazing opportunity.

  4. Wow oo this is a great opportunity for we women we are so glad ❤️

  5. Helping women to gain a skill in the tech field is amazing project, I really wish I could be a benefactor

  6. I will do all my best to get well with it and helps out others

  7. Am grateful that I get this chance to help me out and I will help others out when I have the still in place.thanks for the opportunity

  8. This is a great vision of which it is in line with my vision. And may God continue to hold the founders.

  9. This is a great vision of which it is in line with my vision. And may God continue to hold the founders. Long live INGRESSIVE FOR GOOD.

  10. This is this is really a nice opportunity to bring passionate women into the tech world and I will be glad to gain from this privilege,and gladly explore the digital space
    Thanks to ingressive for good

  11. Thank you for this great opportunity.

  12. Thank you for this oppurtunity

  13. Thank you so much #Ingressiveforgood#. I believe that this initiative is one of a kind. Since the initiative is targeted at lifting women to greater heights, it is a great opportunity.
    I really hope to be a beneficiary. Thank you again.

  14. I have applied for the scholarship,

    I have a diploma in Desktop publishing, and I wish to start up a career in Designing and Tech. I will be most grateful, if given this opportunity to enhance my skills.


  15. I am i allowed to apply for more than one track?

    1. User Avatar

      No you can’t.

  16. Wow! This is a great initiative and I really hope I get the scholarship too. Thank you!

    1. User Avatar

      Wishing you the best

  17. Please, am not earning anything as a student of SDD Dombo University for Business and Integrated Studies. Needs financial support please both in this program and my schooling as well please.

  18. Thanks you I really appreciate your

  19. I made a mistake in one of my answers, can i reapply please?

    1. User Avatar

      Yes you can. But if it’s about your track, you can apply to change it if you get chosen, right before you are onboarded.

  20. Thank you for this great opportunity

  21. I haven’t gotten mail yet

    1. User Avatar

      Emails have been sent to everyone who applied with their correct email. Please check your spam, junk, promotions, or inbox for an email from Ingressive for Good.

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