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Our mission is to empower one million African youths with tech skills to help increase their earning power

We award scholarships to students with financial needs studying computer science at the Ivy Leagues of Africa

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Student in Need

I4G Initiatives


Ingressive For Good seeks to formally train African tech talents in need, studying computer science, by providing scholarships to Ivy-Leagues of Africa.  The goal is to develop youth leaders in tech who are ready to put their learned skills to work in leading organizations, communities, and their local countries while giving them access to resources, mentorship, and progress opportunities in the technology industry.

Technical Training

We are committed to developing a community of African youths with digital tech skills by providing hands-on practice in the world of programming. The training is for complete beginners who are passionate about learning the basics of software development through digital skills training, coding boot camps, and remote internships for tech-enabled youths. This program is executed in partnership with HNG and Enye.

Talent Placement

We will partner with corporates, job placement companies, and recruiters seeking Africa’s brightest tech talent to place the top 5-percent of our trained and upskilled Ingressive for Good alumni members into 5,000 jobs in the next five years.

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