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Hear from Hassan Yusuf – Alumni of the Month

My name is Hassan Yusuf, and I’m the seventh child in a family of 22 children. I’ve spent my entire life in Zaria, Kaduna State,with my family. I pursued a degree in Computer Science at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and decided to further my education with a Master’s degree to allow myself access to better opportunities.

During my Masters program, I had a classmate who was doing so much better than the rest of the class in data-related subjects. He told me that he was studying on DataCamp with I4G and encouraged me to apply. I got the scholarship and my knowledge of data significantly increased.

Inspired by my newfound confidence, I chose to focus my research paper on Machine Learning. I went from barely understanding the basics to confidently teaching others in my class. It was thrilling.

After my course with DataCamp, I took the certification and shared it on LinkedIn. I got an opportunity and was called for an interview in Abuja.

I told my mum how I was afraid to attend the interview because there had been a lot of kidnapping reports on that route. I was however confident in my abilities. DataCamp gave me that. I knew this interview could be a life-changing opportunity, so I took the risk and traveled. Thankfully, I impressed the interviewers and secured the job. My wife and I then moved to Abuja

Now, I earn three times what I used to, allowing me to support my siblings, ensuring they can attend school and receive other forms of support they need. This is especially important since my father, who used to support us all, passed away in 2022.

Grateful that I had an encounter with Ingressive for Good and DataCamp and that my new job came at a time when my family needed it the most.

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