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The Power of Thoughtful Communication: How to Use Effective Communication Practices for Personal and Professional Success

Last week Tuesday, we hosted Communications and Brand Strategist, Opeyemi Obembe in the community and here are 5 profound things we learnt from Opeyemi Obembe

  1. Apply emotional intelligence in your communication. Be in charge of your emotions, don’t let your emotions be in charge of you.

  2. Give effective feedback and constructive criticism. Use the sandwich method to start with positive feedback, provide constructive criticism, and end with positive remarks. Using this approach not only motivates the recipient but also ensures that your feedback is well-received and actionable.

  3. Practice active listening by maintaining eye contact, avoiding interruptions, and providing feedback to show your engagement. When you are actively listening, you stand a chance to better understand and have more meaningful interactions.

  4. Practice Digital Communication Etiquette. Be respectful, considerate, and professional in your digital interactions.

  5. Be clear and concise while passing a message. Clear and concise messages are easier to understand and more likely to be well received. Use simple language, be direct, and avoid jargon.

Side note: Perfumes have a way of calming our nerves down. To boost your confidence before a presentation, spray a bit of perfume on your hands and inhale deeply.

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