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Augustina’s Journey to Becoming A Data Analyst

I studied mathematics in university but wasn’t happy about it. After I graduated, I worked as a business development executive. While I was good at the administrative job, I wasn’t satisfied with it. So I started to explore tech. I tried to access information online and take free courses, but there was no clear learning path for me to follow as a newbie, so it was hard to know where to start. The good courses I found online were expensive. I was about giving up when my sister shared the I4GDataCamp scholarship opportunity with me. I noticed many people on social media recommended I4G for those who wanted to transition into tech. So, I applied a few days before the deadline. I was so excited to have been selected from the thousands of applicants because I knew how much it cost to learn on DataCamp.

I dedicated myself to the I4GDataCamp program for six months, and I planned to concentrate on learning and working on projects during that period. The leaderboard on DataCamp also challenged me to give my best. It was exciting to always be one of the top participants. Every day I saw my name as a top participant on the leaderboard, it challenged me and motivated me to do better. DataCamp also awarded me a $500 prize as one of the top participants. I was so happy!

A major challenge I faced when I started the program was learning on my phone because I didn’t have a laptop so, I used my phone to learn but it was very limiting. I needed a computer to apply most of the theoretical aspects of my learning. So, I would wake up in the middle of the night and burn the midnight candles to work on my data projects. My sister, also a program beneficiary, shared the laptop I borrowed with me. She used it during the day, and I used it at night. It was a very
difficult time for us. Even though I couldn’t afford a laptop, I didn’t let that hinder my learning. I pushed myself daily.

When I4G announced their laptop support program, I applied and got selected. I was overjoyed when I got the laptop.

One day, I and my friends argued about the social media sentiments of a popular reality TV show airing in Nigeria called the Real Housewives of Lagos. I knew had the skills to get the facts instead of arguing based on sentiments. So, I challenged myself to get the data on our argument using the skills I had gained in my 3 months of learning on DataCamp. When I published my findings and the visualized data, it went viral on Twitter. Everybody was talking about my work! It gave me so much visibility that I didn’t have to apply for jobs; the jobs came to me. A few companies contacted me via Twitter and asked for my CV and resume, while others only wanted to speak with me briefly or do an interview. I spoke with several of them and ultimately chose one I thought was a good fit for me. When I got the offer letter, the salary and benefits were way more than what I could even ask for.

I look back at my journey before and after this scholarship, and I can confidently say the difference is clear. What I learned from the scholarship has been really beneficial to me. I now possess knowledge and abilities that I never dreamed I would have. I would have laughed if someone had told me a year ago that I’d know what I know now, I have learned skills that have helped me land employment, and I have been using all of those skills at my place of work. My earnings have significantly increased too. The program was a huge turning point for me!

I am super excited about this and can’t wait to see the amazing things I’d do in the future. I’m grateful to I4G for giving me this opportunity. My goal is to help others avoid the same mistakes I made. I have built a community of over 20,000 entry-level data enthusiasts who I am helping to navigate their data journey. I want to become very strong in this profession, grow, and impact others.

I hope to give back to the I4G community too.


  1. Wow! Augustina, thanks for sharing such wonderful experience of Yours. am indeed inspired by your determination and will. keep Soaring higher dear.

    1. User Avatar

      Thank you so much. We will let her know

      1. Inspiring story, I’m also facing similar challenges and if you could push through yours with dedication, I will too.

        1. User Avatar

          Yes! We love this. You can do it and we’re rooting for you!

      2. Thanks dear for sharing this has really encourage me

        1. User Avatar

          We’re happy you enjoyed reading it

  2. Thank you for sharing this it has really inspired me, now I can push through with dedication, I’m pinning this in my heart. Will surely come back and testify

    1. User Avatar

      Aww this made us smile. So happy to hear

    2. User Avatar

      Awww this made us smile. We’re happy to hear this

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