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The Spirit of Community

If you’re in the tech space or any space, you already know better than anyone that people love making connections – it’s simply human nature. But connecting with each other does more than fulfill our basic need to interact: It also helps us achieve impact and to help one become a better version of themselves. 

Community is almost always the key to major accomplishments. Today, we’ll talk about why joining a community can transform your world and create huge value for you.

  • Inspiration 

The community is a safe place where you can feel comfortable and foster personal relationships with others. If you feel low or in a state of uncreativity, join a community. You can find a lot of inspiration, as inspiration is the springboard of creativity.

When community members interact with each other, they will find an endless pool of motivation. You learn from each other’s mistakes, get inspired by successes, and give and receive support. 

Most importantly, having an open mind and an approach-oriented attitude will make it more likely to be aware of such inspirations. Share and celebrate your accomplishments, big or small.

  • Empowerment

People usually join the community to grow themselves and to become a better version of themselves. When people come together to collaborate due to community involvement, we get to solve problems and produce fresh and exciting innovations that simply can not be achieved alone.

The major purpose of our community is to provide access to resources, tech training, and to increase the earning power of African youth.

  • Connection

Your Network is your Net Worth. Through engaging in a group, you naturally extend your network and your communication circle. As a result, finding specialized programs, exchanging knowledge and resources, and discovering new career and mentoring opportunities become significantly simpler.

As you build your social network, you’ll find more like-minded people who might help realize your next big idea.

To feel connected with the community, you have to be willing to get involved, say hello, and always aim to make an impact. 

Join the H.A.C.K Community

At I4G Circles, we are a community made up of Young Africans passionate about Tech and leveraging it to solve problems. I4G Circles are led by I4G Ambassadors. Meet them here.

What we do

We H.A.C.K, literally.

We Help others, Add value, Connect, and Keep growing. We share resources, insights, and inspire each other on our Circles group. 

To learn more about I4G Circles and how you can participate in the H.A.C.K Community.


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