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StudentBuilds Study Group 2020: Ibrahim Moshood, Digital Marketer.

“I am Ibrahim Moshood, the first child of four which by default comes with extra responsibilities, as an African child. I am 22 years old, an indigene of Ogun state. One phrase that summarizes what I am, is a born leader. I figured out at an early age that I have the capacity to be  an impact-driven individual committed to excellence and productivity. Just like every other continent, Africa has got its peculiarities. Being an African, I know to get to the peak I need to put in my efforts and aggressively hunt for opportunities. Life has not been smooth for me as an African, but I see opportunities in the roughness and smoothness. I   studied environmental Biology at the University of Ibadan as an undergraduate, and in recent times I have been learning tech skills with the aim of combining the knowledge of agriculture and technology, AGRITECH. I  believe in myself, my potential, and my abilities; and that has been my driving source ever since. In line with my dreams to build a career in Agritech, I became a member of the Student Builds Opportunities Billboard Channel on Telegram. That’s where I found Ingressive For Good. The non-profit had partnered with Student Build to create a Study Group – the I4G Student Builds study group. Seeing the opportunity, I took immediate action to enroll.

I participated in the program because I wanted to hone my digital marketing skills and the I4G Student Builds study program provided me a platform to do so. Prior to enrolling in the program, I couldn’t get affordable access to internationally recognised platforms where I could take specialization courses taught by world renowned digital marketers. Asides that, I struggled with self motivation; COVID really threw me off balance. and I needed people around me who could inspire me. Coming from a non tech background, I knew I was going to take a very big decision in venturing into the tech world and now more than ever, is the time to be in this constantly evolving world of technology and information.  I started my digital marketing career at the beginning of this year, 2020. Little did I know that it will be flawed with many challenges including emotional, financial and psychological challenges. I felt overwhelmed at some point and stressed at some other points. 

The program really helped me a lot. It helped me realize that my career is a marathon and not a sprint  and this realization made the whole process easy for me to navigate. Being the study group leader, I was entitled to a special package that helped ease the financial burden on me. With that, I was able to study seamlessly and organize study group activities and meetings that were aimed at improving the productivity of all team members.  Also, the study group provided a platform to learn with others like the saying goes “Two heads are better than one”. With that, the challenge of reduced motivation was eliminated completely and increased productivity. 

I felt empowered and now, I have  the fundamental tools that every digital marketer in the 21st century should have in my arsenal and I find it a great opportunity courtesy of the Student Builds I4G study group program. Now, I can boldly take up any digital marketing project and do justice to it. The study group helped me actualize my 2020 dream of becoming a digital marketer. I was able to work on two projects within the space of three months and I came up with the product marketing strategies leveraging the knowledge gained from the study group program and the access to the free coursera course.

Being a facilitator of the study group, I would love to say that the experience has been incredible. I really enjoyed it because on one hand, I was learning and on the other, I was administrating. It was like 2 in 1 for me. The experience of serving as a leader was for me, always exciting and I am glad I was given the opportunity to demonstrate my passion. Another great experience was teamwork and efficient communication. I gained more professional communication skills from being the facilitator of the study group because, at the end of every week, I submitted a report and updated an analytics sheet. I also drove conversations and discussions in the study group and above all, I learned from my team members who hail from different parts of the country and beyond the country.

This program has helped me find ways to increase my earning power. For me, my overall growth and development changed. I see myself as an improved version of myself now compared to a few months ago. Being a digital marketer, more than anything else, I have taken pride in advocating my personal brand to the world.

The capstone project was an interesting one indeed and it encapsulated all that I’ve been learning for months. It was more interesting because of the timeline attached; 1 week. It was a tough and busy week,however, at the end of the day it was worth the effort I put in.

If you are an ambitious individual looking to learn a new digital skill or hone your digital skills. Ingressive For Good has got you covered. The world needs you, me and everyone of us to drive the needed change we all envision and to achieve that, we have got to invest in ourselves and be the best version of ourselves. Thank you I4G.”

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