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StudentBuilds Study Group 2020: Femi Okedeyi, Android Mobile Developer.

“My name is Femi Okedeyi,  an 18 years old  200-level student at Lagos State University studying Computer Science. I am in love with tech and computers, so I decided to learn programming.

I started my programming journey a few months ago during the pandemic on YouTube. 

After some time, the I4G StudentBuilds study group was recommended to me on WhatsApp via a link to the Telegram platform. I joined the group and participated in the Android Mobile Development program. It was such an enjoyable learning experience.

My most exciting time was when I first saw AVD. It was mind-blowing to see a full phone running on my laptop. My first app was an assignment given to us, I designed an app that works like Wikipedia. It shows images and names of people. So when you click on one of them, it brings more details about the person. I had to use a whole week to work on the project, I couldn’t do anything else and it was very exciting. Even though it was a tiny app, it meant everything to me. I was mind blown!

I learned how to optimize my data to ensure I didn’t run out of data and miss out on classes. Still, I had troubles with electricity. I couldn’t use a battery saver to increase the battery life because it affected the speed of some Android studio programs. I often had to wait till power was restored most times to complete my tasks but I was determined to make the most of my learning experience. I couldn’t get angry. Instead, I tried to organise my time. I can only use my laptop for about 2 hours without power. So, I came up with a strategy  to use it 1 and a half hours before power comes on and use it through the period when there is power, then 1 and a half hours after the power goes off. 

I had never made money from programming before this program. I didn’t even have any experience. I only had a few Java lessons from Youtube. This program changed my view on programming because I always thought it was a difficult, time-consuming feat that I couldn’t achieve. I thought my head would be boiling after an hour. But, it was fun. I realized that as long as you don’t stay static, it will flow. My course mates saw and heard my experience and now they are interested in the program. I’ll recommend I4G to anyone and everyone because it made me a better Programmer. Thank you I4G.”

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