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Starting a Career as a UX Designer

When you pick up a book, you know exactly where it opens from, you know what the title is, you know the author. When you come across a website, you know where to input your details, you know where the home button is even when you’re on the site for the first time, you know the brand colors. When you pick up a tv remote, you know what end to point towards the tv and what button to push to turn it on. When you’re on your texting app, say whatsapp, you get a double blue tick to let you know your message has been read. All that is because of a good UX designer. 

UX this and UX that. UX simply is User Experience and it is the part of design that focuses on the interactions between a user (person) and a product, a site or an app. The ease of navigation, the usability of a product, the accessibility etc.

Peter Morville’s UX honeycomb structure outlining the 7 essential aspects of UX design

A degree in computer science is not for starting your career as a UX designer. Skills that however need to be mastered include: User research, user empathy, UI prototyping and wireframe, visual communication, interaction design, information architecture etc.

You may want to start your path by reading books to have a better understanding of the concepts of UX design, next you want to enroll in a UX class. At Ingressive for Good, we offer scholarships to such programs, join us. Next, you want to practice the skills you have learnt and showcase them on social media, make sure to follow experts in UX designs. You can learn all the nitty gritties from them. Then you can move forward to building your portfolio as a designer and preparing for job interviews.

Across the world, the average yearly income of a UX designer is about 52,683 USD. In African countries like Nigeria and Kenya, 12,251USD and 7308USD respectively and in the US, 97,153 USD.

Apply for a scholarship at Ingressive For Good today and go get that bag.

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