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Starting a Career as a UI Designer

Think about a very well decorated cake. The decoration, the cake box, everything that attracts you to the product, is thanks to good UI design. (note that UI design is limited to digital products only) Think about a website for kids, a good UI designer will make sure to incorporate kiddies- friendly colors and buttons. Good UI design is using black text on a white canvas because a cream text on a white canvas is not likely to be seen clearly.

UI simply means User Interface. An interface is a place where two people meet, in this case, you and your computer. You both meet on this blog post, this is an interface. So, a user interface is a place where a user meets a product. User Interface designers worry about the design on the interface of a website, web application, mobile application or other relevant digital products.

UI design is a pretty interesting career. The good news for all of us who didn’t study design related courses in school is that, you don’t need a college degree in design to become a UI designer.To develop the technical knowhow a UI Designer needs, you’ll want to spend time learning skills like wireframing and prototyping, responsive design. You will also need to spend time learning tools like Sketch, Marvel App, Adobe XD, Figma and InVision.

Some soft skills that you need are creativity, empathy, communication skills and attention to details.

One proven way to help you become a better UI designer is practice, take up the designs of other people, and just copy, next you want to design other people’s work the way that you wish it could have been done. Continue to do this over and over. Make fake projects, show your work on social media. Other ways to become better at this skill is to do a lot of reading, teach people what you know and lastly, get taught too. There’s no such thing as too much knowledge.

On the average, a UI designer makes 960,000 per year. Some UI designers make up to 6m per year. You too can. To reach the peak of your career, practice and show your work.

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