We launched Ingressive for Good in July 2020. No dollar in donation, just faith and a strong drive to help increase the earning power of African youths by providing them with tech skills, community, tools, resources, and jobs. It’s been 18 months since we launched and so much has changed. We are super proud of how far we have come and we want to share that with you.


We took the last six months of 2020, to experiment with a pilot program and we learned so much. We documented the results of these experiments here. Just a quick recap on those results, so we can compare them to how far we have come:

In 2020,

  • We embraced 17,268 community members
  • Provided training to 15,000 people
  • Placed 100 youths in jobs
  • Provided over $5000 worth of tech tools to African youth
  • Provided $4000 in scholarships
  • Hosted 10 study groups for 500 people
  • Launched I4G circles in 29 schools with 42 ambassadors and 600 members.
  • Partnered with 6 brands and 30 mentors.

    On social media
  • We reached 7950 followers on Twitter
  • 1100 followers on Instagram
  • 2500 followers on Facebook
  • 1440 followers on LinkedIn
  • 100,000 website visits and
  • 17,000 email community members. Partnered with Coursera, Facebook, DataCamp and HNG.

In 2021, we grew exponentially.

As of July, the image below highlights how much impact we made. Read the full report here

Half-year report

Rounding off the year, we took stock and realized that:

  • We embraced 100,000 community members across 85 countries
  • Trained 81,000 African youths
  • Launched 4 new sub-programs.
  • We awarded over $50K in microscholarships
  • We placed over 1000 people in jobs.
  • Provided training resources worth over $1million.
  • 2000 women were exclusively trained in data and design.
  • Increased I4G circles to over 100 schools and ambassadors beyond Nigeria, with over 20,000 circle members.
  • We hosted HACKFEST 2021 in partnership with Mono and Team Apt.
  • We featured a Job fair exposing thousands of our community members to job opportunities with tech firms.
  • Received over $500K in direct donations and $3.5million dollars in-kind donations.

    On social media,
  • We reached 19.8K followers on Twitter
  • 10.8K followers on Instagram
  • 14.7K followers on Facebook
  • 9.1K followers on LinkedIn
  • 600,723 website visits with an all-time high of 28.4K visits in one day.
  • We partnered with over 50 brands.
  • We got listed on Candid and VC4A.
  • We also got featured on several African and international platforms and we were interviewed by IFC world bank and a few other firms compiling reports on education, learning and our impact in Africa.


Hosted 1000 Women in Design program in partnership with Geneza, receiving over 17,000 applications in Q1, and hosted 1000 Women in Data in Q4 in partnership with DataCamp, receiving over 20,000 applications. We partnered with Kwanda to provide 200 women scholarships to the 1000 Women In Design program. We provided access to learning to over 60,000 African youth to learn software development and design with Zuri. We provided access to over 6,000 African youth to DataCamp and helped them learn data skills. We partnered with Jobberman to provide soft skills training to over 10,000 people. We also hosted Hackathons and community challenges to keep our 20,000 circle members engaged.

On Children’s day, following a conversation we had with BBC, we partnered with Destiny’s Trust to host a tech BootCamp for underrepresented children. We also created a storybook, called Hanzzy and Fawzzy to promote STEM education in Africa.


In 2021, we had amazing partners including DataCamp, Mono, TeamApt, Kwanda, Geneza, Enye, Zuri Training, HNG Internships, Student Build, Semicolon, Covenant University, Babcock University, Afriblocks, LasuDevs, Printivo, Startup Grind, Rawake Africa, Samos VC, Fenwick, Tekedia, CareerBuddy, FindWorka, Jobberman, Yale African Startup Review, Areeba Jobs, Tamborin, Dev Careers, Skillnav, HAYAs Foundation and many other notable partners.

Grateful to people of influence who leveraged their platforms to help us reach the people who need us the most. People like Bolanle Banwo Osadolo, Michael Collins (Don Jazzy), Dr. Dípò Awójídé (OgbeniDipo), Tosin Olaseinde, Ameyaw, Mark Essien, Jacqueline Nyenke, Bridget Duffy, Benjamin Dada, Emeka Okafor, Ife Adeleye, Seyi Onifade, Edward M Zimmerman, Abraham Iyiola, Salem King, Tosin Durotoye, Uche Nnadi, Bankole Williams, Uwem Uwemakpan, TechCabal, Techpoint, Donors Forum, She Leads Africa, WIMBIZ, BBC, and many others.

Donors and Donations:

We received $509K in committed donations but $259K was fulfilled. 59.1% from individuals and 40.9% from organizations.

  • 65% was spent directly on programs
  • 30% was spent on administration
  • 5% was spent on outreach and advocacy.

We are thankful to our individual and corporate donors who took the leap of faith and invested in us. 65% of your investment directly impacted an African youth, 30% helped us keep the lights on and pay the team making the magic happen and 5% helped us get the word out.

It cost us an average of $2 to train one African youth this year and an average of $0.1 to support our student community. Meaning if you gave I4G $1000, you contributed to the development of at least 500 African youth. Thank you. For every $2 you gave, 1 African youth was trained. This is a big deal and we are grateful for your support. Thank you.


In 2020, we were just 4 on the team but now the team has increased to 12 team members, with over 100 ambassadors and hundreds of volunteers. Blessing Abeng joined Maya Famodu and Sean Burrowes as a Cofounder of Ingressive for Good.

In 2022, we are looking to fill a few senior roles: senior data analyst, Head of fundraising and senior programs manager. We will be expanding the team and expanding the salaries as well.

Notable Features

We were featured by:

  • Coursera Blog: Ingressive for Good and Coursera prepare African youth for tech careers. Read here.
  • DataCamp Blog: DataCamp Donates Spotlight: Ingressive For Good. Read here.
  • BBC Instagram Live: How will Africa Benefit from Tech Giants Setting up on the Continent?. Watch here.
  • Over 60,000 young Africans trained in Tech by Ingressive For Good, a year after launching. Read here.
  • Ingressive For Good Announces Blessing Abeng as New Co-founder. Read here.

2022, What’s Next?

We hoped to raise at least 500K dollars and at most 1 million dollars, but we raised 509,000 dollars. In 2022, we hope to raise $2 million dollars to achieve our 2022 goals to:

  • Disburse $200K in microscholarships including tech tools and resources
  • Train 200,000 people in tech skills, specifically, software development (frontend, backend, mobile, nocode), data, product management, design, and marketing (growth, digital and social medi)
  • Place 2000 African youth in jobs
  • Publish more data-driven insights for the benefit of the African tech community
  • 2x growth across all our social media platforms.
  • We want to pay our team better, and recruit more hands.
  • Readjust our financial spend to – 70% on programs, 20% on administration, 5% on advocacy, and 5% outreach

We are feeling inspired and pumped up for 2022! It’s going to be a great year, we can feel it.

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