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I4G & HNG 2020: Nike Adesanoye

“My name is Adesanoye Nike from Ondo State and I’m an user interface and user experience designer. I’m from a family of five, my dad, myself and three of my siblings. My mom is late and before she died, she was running  a business center

I chose HNG because a particular friend of mine told me about the internship. So I googled about it, checked on Twitter, and followed some past HNG Interns like  Iyabo, Chris and others. I was inspired by the testimonies of so many mentors and many other people that did the internship and became successful. So, I messaged Iyabo and I  asked her to put me through how the internship is because with what people were saying about the internship, I felt it would be very hard. With her explanations, I saw that the internship is not hard. She mentioned that I just  had to commit my time to it and not try to combine jobs and the internship.

Before I joined the HNG internship, there was a particular mentorship program I was undergoing to help me grow in my UI/UX design journey. But when I joined HNG internship, I saw a big difference between the mentorship program and HNG internship. In HNG Internship, there was competition, which I loved a lot. At the beginning of HNG  internship, McKesson gave us a task to design an airtel website with four pages, the homepage, the about us, the contact, the facilities and the ratings page, which we did. Then we got promoted to Stage 2.  At stage 2, we were added to different teams. I was added to the team “Incredible”. I had amazing team members, and these guys  really helped. Coming from different places, we introduced ourselves to each other and we opened a WhatsApp group. Funny thing is that till now, the WhatsApp group still exists. We talk about life, we talk about HNG, we talk about our goals, we share resources, we share job opportunities on the WhatsApp group. We do so many amazing things. 

During the HNG internships, we were given weekly tasks, which we had to complete and submit within a period of time. We had mentors that were ready to teach help. An example is King David. There was this particular issue I had with my stage 7 task and messaged him around two o’clock in the midnight. I was so surprised that he replied to my message on Slack that night and he actually put me through the steps I could use to solve the particular user experience problem, which I implemented, and the task got me promoted to stage 8.  And thanks to DevChris, and sophisticatedDave, amazing mentors. They were always coming on our Slack channel to actually give us premium teachings on UI/UX. This was a push and motivation for me to do more

So I added HNG to my LinkedIn profile, And within a few weeks, I got offers from different people, from gigs, job opportunities, even internships. The former laptop I was using, a friend of mine got it for me, just because he said he wants me to really be dedicated to it and I used it till it got spoiled. Immediately I finished my stage 8 task and I submitted, my laptop started showing  different colors on the screen. I thought it was a screen issue, So I took Ikeja, computer village, for repair. The engineer told me that I had to work on the board. the fan and the screen itself. It was just like me getting a new system entirely. I did not have money  for that.

This new laptop that I received is going to help me speed up my productivity. Also, it will help me achieve more goals. Like I said, my laptop got spoiled and this is like me getting a new laptop, which I feel is amazing. Thank you HNG! Thank you Ingressive for all what you’ve been doing.”

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