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I4G & HNG 2020: Christabel Omuboye

Hello, my name is Christabel Omuboye. I’m a front end developer moving to full stack, and a finalist in HNG-I7. I’m from Port Harcourt, River State, and I’m the first child out of a family of six children.

I got into tech because as the first child, I have to shoulder some responsibilities in addition to mine, and out of my available options, tech seemed to provide both of that, and also provide fulfillment in me creating solutions. After taking some courses online, and learning on my own, a friend of mine posted about HNG on their status and told me it would help me gain real life experience in technology. So, I went online and researched about the program, and I found out that it uses real life experience, and also provides important validation in case you want to use it as a reference when finding a job. Before joining HNG. I had already explored other options. But my issues with most of them were that they weren’t challenging enough. From someone who needed validation coming from a non tech background, I needed programs that would closely mirror real life experience, so that I can really get a feel of what I’ll be expected to display in case I get a job. 

As much as I put in my best for this internship, I actually couldn’t have finished it if not for the help of the fellow interns and our mentors. Most of my teammates (I was a member of Team Fierce) would call me up when important announcements were being made that had a timeline, so that I could quickly come online and fulfill the requirements. 

Our mentors were really amazing, especially Tomisin. Tomisin would continually encourage, and consistently break down the task and what is expected of us. And if we had issues trying to get the concepts we needed to fulfill those tasks, she would surely make time to explain those things to us. So all those things combined really provided support for me during the internship. 

During the internship, I faced several challenges. For one I had severe power issues. My laptop battery was non-existent, and the power supply was scanty. I had to go asking shops to plug for a bit when I needed to submit files or do certain things during the day. Also also had to start making and selling liquid soap. So I could raise money to cover my data expenses and also other things. 

My previous system was an e machine with just 2 gig ram, and about two gigahertz and clock speed. E machines missions are really old, they came before acer. Towards the latter half of HNG-I7 my system began to really struggle. Sometimes it would go off for days because of the work that was being placed upon it. Mark’s announcement about this opportunity came at the right time. I had just taken my system to the repair shop for the second time after it had crashed on me. So I typed my application with so much need and when I got selected, well, I even still can’t contain my excitement.

This system has a core i5 processor and can get up to 3.1 gigahertz in clock speed. Plus, macbooks are very durable and so would fare better in my environment. In Particular, it has a battery performance of up to six hours, which is way ahead, my previous one that wouldn’t even get up to 30 minutes. I can now fully unleash my knowledge and actually use tools that I need. I see my skills and my income going way up and I am deeply grateful for this opportunity. I want to say a big thank you to the entire HNG internship team, and also Ingressive for Good for granting me this privilege, and I promise to make the best out of it. Thank you very much.”

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