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How Roncho found his place in Product Management

I was that child that loved games! They always fascinated me. It wasn’t just about how they looked on the outside but what was really going on inside. I’d always open up my toys to see what was going on inside. This curiosity made me decide to become an engineer. I thought I was going to be a successful engineer. It was a dream I held on to till I was going through the list of available courses at the University I later schooled at and came across IT Management!

It made me forget about engineering. I had grown to also love business but my love for technology was unwavering. IT Management was an intersection of the two things I loved so I applied to study the course in the university.

After I completed my undergraduate studies, I couldn’t get an opportunity to work in IT Management in its full capacity because there weren’t any opportunities with that kind of business and tech intersection so, I had to go for something else. I got an opportunity to work at a financial service firm and then KPMG. Even though I gained some valuable experiences working at these organizations, I felt a sense of dissatisfaction. At some point, I decided to challenge myself to do something different. I was on a quest to find more, to find my own path.

I got an opportunity to manage operations of a VOD platform for FilmHouse cinemas but unfortunately, the project didn’t work out so, I started working in the retail department of FilmHouse. It was an interesting experience and I got to express my love for business while at the job but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic happened and we had to shutdown. There was no way a cinema would function when a pandemic was happening.

It was a sad period. I was at home all through and it made me think about my career choices. I didn’t like how vulnerable the industry was. A pandemic happens and we were all made to sit at home with no income flow. This made me decide to go into tech.

I found out about Ingressive For Good through Blessing Abeng, at the time she was the Director of Communications. I saw that they had an opportunity to learn Data with DataCamp so I applied for it. I learnt for a while but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted then I4G partnered with Coursera to provide free access to courses for African youths. I applied for that too and came across Product Management for the first time! I had finally found what I had spent the last 7 years since I graduated University looking for! I enjoyed every bit of the course. Before I completed my course, I started applying for jobs and telling everyone around me that I was looking for a job opportunity as a Product Manager. Fortunately, a friend recommended me for a Product Management role at Kuda Bank and I got the job offer!

Its been such an amazing ride since then. I’m excited that I have finally found my place. I have a career that gives me the opportunity to express my passion for business and technology.

I4G changed my life and helped me find my place. This is something I would forever be grateful for!


  1. How do I apply??

    1. User Avatar

      Applications for scholarships to learn Product Management are currently closed but we’d advice that you join our network so you don’t miss the announcement when it’s open again

      1. So any other available courses to apply?

        1. User Avatar

          We always announce when we have opportunities available. Follow us on social media @Ingressive4Good so you don’t miss an announcement!

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