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Hear From Goodrich Okoro- Alumni of the Month

I studied Electrical Engineering in the University. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get an opportunity to work as an Electrical Engineer so I started working as a POS attendant. It wasn’t convenient but that was what was available to me at the time.

I noticed my manager balanced accounts manually every day and this took a lot of time so, I decided to create an excel sheet to help us do this easily. It made work easier and faster. After a few months, I decided it was time to do something better. I didn’t like that I was working as a POS attendant. Working on excel sheets daily gradually created a passion for Data Analysis because I had to read about the different ways we could make use of our data to improve the business. I knew I wanted to become a Data Analyst so I started learning Python on my phone.

Luckily for me, a friend of mine gave me his Chromebook to use because he had a laptop already. It wasn’t exactly convenient but it was better than using my phone to learn.

I found out about I4G just before my service year through a post on social media. I then applied for the I4GDataCamp scholarship program and got awarded! Unfortunately, I got my NYSC call up letter and had to go to the orientation camp so, I couldn’t take the Chromebook with me.

I wasn’t ready to lose my scholarship, this was a golden opportunity I didn’t take for granted so I resorted to learning with my phone again.

Juggling camp activities and learning wasn’t any easy thing to do but I was determined to take the course despite the uncomfortable situation. I learnt more about Python, SQL amongst other skills. The training was really insightful.

After I completed the training, I started applying for job opportunities. I got about 10 rejections!

I knew there was an opportunity to live a better life and build a successful career with tech so I kept on pushing!

I finally got a job offer! I now work as a Data Analyst Associate at Loctech IT Training Institute.

I4G has transformed my life and I am so grateful!

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