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Top Skills You Need To Thrive In The Workplace

Having a certificate from Ingressive For Good, Meta, DataCamp, EntryLevel, Geneza or Zuri is great and its even better if […]

Learning from the Release of the Apple Vision Pro

Apple, the iconic tech giant, has once again astounded us with their latest creation. The Apple Vision Pro combines cutting-edge […]

A Guide to Include Your Certificate on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is definitely one of the best social media platforms to build a strong online presence as you build your […]

Tricky Interview Questions and How to Answer Them.

You’ve completed your course, worked on your CV using the Building an Effective CV ebook by I4G and taken the […]

In-Demand Skills in 2023- Cybersecurity

As technology continues to advance, cybersecurity has become more crucial than ever before. The rise in cyber threats and the […]

Lessons we Learnt from Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

In April 2023, we read MIndset: The Psychology of Sucess in our I4GBookClub because we understand that the mind plays […]

4 ways to make a great impression on a hiring manager

Creating a great impression on a hiring manager doesn’t start and end at the interview. In fact, it begins the […]

How I started my Career in Marketing- Omolola Dada

As a teenager, I enjoyed being on my phone alot! Sometimes, it would get seized because of how much time […]

How I started my Career in Marketing- Olamide Omoregha

Starting a career in a marketing can be an exciting journey with so many lessons to be learned. The digital […]

How to Land Your First Job as a Digital Marketer

We launched our first Marketing scholarship program with Meta this year!  To equip our #I4GMarketing learners with skills they need […]

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