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How I started my Career in Marketing- Omolola Dada

As a teenager, I enjoyed being on my phone alot! Sometimes, it would get seized because of how much time I spent on it. I believe this was where my love for social media began. 

While I was undergoing my undergraduate degree as a biochemistry student, my school went on strike so I had to be home for a while. During that period, I met a lady on Facebook that sold some hair care products so I reached out to start an online business. 

I gave it my best and tried out new things as I learnt to sell online. I would post everyday and try out the features on social media to push my business. The business did so well that my supplier couldn’t meet up with my demand for the products. I had to connect with the company directly. 

I even had customers outside the country! It was an exciting and life changing experience for me because I decided at that point that I wanted to build a career on social media. I was already loosing interest in biochemistry anyway so, finding something I actually enjoyed and I could make money from made me so happy!

I spoke to a friend of mine about my decision to switch career paths and he encouraged me to take the Google Digital Skills for Africa course. I really enjoyed the course! I learnt so much from it. 

During my NYSC service year, I was keen on getting a social media internship opportunity so I could improve my skills and kickstart my career. Luckily for me, I got a social media internship at a Digital Marketing agency. 

I was always taking courses, offering my services even outside the agency for free just so I could try my hands on different things and improve my knowledge. Beyond learning, I made sure to practice often and it helped me. The more I practiced, the better I got!

I even started getting remote gigs before I completed the end of my service year. 

I was making so much progress in my career as a marketer already. I wanted to be a leader in the industry so I leveraged social media to build my personal brand. 

I started sharing my knowledge online. As I was learning, I was sharing. I was confident in doing this because I shared what I had experience in. When people asked me questions, I could answer them because I had good knowledge about what I shared. The more I shared and interacted with people, the more confident I became in doing my job and charging my worth

Building a career can be challenging, sometimes you might experience imposter syndrome and find yourself comparing your growth with another person’s but I have learnt to be confident in my process. I understand that building takes time and effort so, instead of comparing myself to others I choose to learn from them.

My willingness to keep learning is one thing that has helped me stand out. Marketing is a field that’s constantly changing. Every day, there’s a new trend or update you need to learn about to make sure you’re able to do your job effectively.

I now have my own digital marketing agency!

What have you learnt from Omolola’s story? Share with us

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