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Whether you’re an undergraduate who is trying to earn a college degree or a graduate who is trying to be one degree hotter, school can be hard. And it gets even harder when you have to handle all that it throws at you with a job, whether part-time or full time.

However, like every hard thing, there’s a way around it, a way to make it easier, a way to plan and prioritize your way to success. We have put together five useful tips to help you study on a job or work while studying.

  1. Separate Work from School

First, Create boundaries between work time and school time. Boundaries make everything better. Don’t work when you should be studying and don’t study when you should be working. You may want to draw up a plan or schedule time on your calendar for work, study and of course for yourself.

  1. Get a Support System

Research has shown that having a good support system can help reduce stress. Your support system could be a friend that can fill in for you sometimes, a family member that understands how your schedule has changed, a colleague at work or at school who’s experiencing the same thing etc. The important thing is that this person helps you cope.

  1. Keep Your Goals in Mind

Keep them in mind but also write them somewhere. You need to be reminded why you’re doing it. It will get tough especially when you’re doing a good job at both. Reminding yourself why you’re doing this is going to give you the push that you need when you need it.

  1. Relax

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Remember this and take time to refuel and recharge. School and work will both be a lost cause if you burn out and crash.

  1. Don’t take up too much

Ensure that you take up only as much as you can because you don’t want to burn out. Say no when you can’t take up an extra task on either side. Prioritize your tasks and weigh whether or not a task is worth the pressure it’s coming with

Are you working and studying? What do you think you need to make it easier for you?


  1. Great advice

  2. Wow…. This is good and I hope I will be part of those that will enjoy this opportunity

  3. I found this helpful. Thanks.

    1. User Avatar

      Glad to hear this

  4. I totally love and agree with the first point
    Boundaries makes everything better

    1. User Avatar

      Most definitely.

  5. I totally agree with you especially with the first point

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      Yup yup. Glad it resonates

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