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5 ways to Avoid Getting Burnt Out

Building a tech career can be overwhelming. You have courses to take, webinars to attend, projects to complete and maybe you even have a job/academics you need to excel at. Doing all these can be draining and begin to affect your mental health and productivity. 

We want to see you succeed without loosing yourself, so in this blog post, we have shared 5 ways you can avoid getting burnt out as you build your tech career.

1. Stop comparing yourself

Comparing yourself to other people is never going to do you any good, instead you’d keep getting exhausted because you’re trying to meet up with another person’s standards and this prevents you from being your true self. Its okay to see other people win and be inspired by them but don’t compare yourself to anyone. Your background is different from theirs, you probably don’t have access to the resources/ help they have, they may have more experience than you do so its not a surprise that they know more. Learn from others, be inspired by them but focus on your journey and appreciate the progress you have made so far.

2. Celebrate your wins

Whether you completed an online course, finished reading a book, got a job, got awarded a scholarship, got 100 followers on Instagram – A win is a win! Always take some time to reflect on your progress so far and appreciate yourself. When you make it a habit to celebrate every win, you learn to appreciate yourself better and this improves your mental health and productivity.

3. Don’t overload your to-do list

Sometimes, when you have a lot of things to do, you tend to overload your to-do list with tasks that you’d most likely be unable to accomplish at the end of the day. What usually happens is, you end up multitasking and this increases your chances of getting burnt out. Be realistic with your to-do list, don’t do too much. You cannot achieve every thing in 24 hours and that’s okay. Take things easy with yourself.

4. Get enough sleep

Its super important to allow yourself rest and get enough sleep so you’re refreshed. Adequate sleep improves your emotional and mental wellbeing, it reduces stress and makes you more productive because you’ve allowed your body relax. Researchers recommend 7-8 hours of sleep per day

5. Spend time with people you love

Its so important that you spend time with people you genuinely love, people that make you happy. Don’t get carried away with working so much that you forget the people in your life. You’re a human being and there’s more to you than your career. Allow yourself to be human; go to the beach, play games with your friends, try out a new recipe/restaurant, go hiking, see a movie! Do something fun as often as possible. 

We hope you practice the tips in this blog post to help you reduce your chances of getting burnt out and being your best self. You need to take care of yourself so you can achieve your goals excellently. 

Which of these tips do you need to start doing? 

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