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4 Ways to Create A Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is basically the amount of time you spend working on your professional goals versus the amount of time you spend working on your personal goals. The truth is both aspects of your life are demanding and unfortunately, they’ll keep being demanding. There would always be many things you need to be doing at a time such as working on an important task, having a meeting with a colleague, going to the hospital for a medical check-up, spending time with your friends, completing an online course and so many others. The list is endless!

You’ve probably tried to strike a balance between work and your personal life a couple of times and failed. 

In this blog post, we’d be sharing 5 things you can do to help you improve your life in and out of work. 

Here’s a list of things you can do to create a wholesome life while building a thriving career:

1. Accept that the balance is never equal

On some days, you give your career 80% of your time and 20% to your personal life and on other days, you may need to give your career 30% while your personal life takes 70% of your time. It’s never the same every day because no matter how perfect your to-do list is, there are days that you have unplanned situations that disrupt your “perfect day”. Instead of trying to achieve a perfect day, be flexible and realistic. Do what’s most important as you go about your day. Be open to redirecting your plans for each day. 

2. Set your priorities right

If you’re terribly ill, getting medical attention is more important than completing a task. If you have a task with a deadline in 24 hours, spending late hours at a club is definitely not the best decision to make. Make sure you are doing what’s important at every point in time. 

3. Do things you enjoy

 Sometimes, the reason we get burnt out or demotivated is because we’re not doing things we genuinely love and enjoy. If you love swimming, take out time to swim. If paintballing is fun for you, do that with your friends. Make sure that you spend quality time doing what you love with the people you love. When work demands more of your time, you have less time to do what you really love.

4. Set boundaries

You can dedicate 8am – 5pm to work and the rest of the day to pursuing your personal interests. Don’t let your personal interests or hobbies affect the time you dedicate for work and vice versa. You can decide to work from 9am – 6pm during weekdays and weekends to your personal life. 

We need you to know that there’s more to you!

When building a career, especially at the start, people tend to only think about their careers. Every decision they make is based on their careers only. While we agree that your career is super important, we also know that there’s so much more to your life than your career. You need to make sure you allow yourself to be a human being and have experiences outside your profession. Your career is only an aspect of your life. 

Do you find this blog post useful? Which of these tips would you start with to improve your professional and personal life? Tell us!

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