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1000 Women in Data 2022: Selection and Eligibility Criteria

Last year, we helped 1000 women build skills in data to challenge the fact that women make up a measly 15% of all data scientists globally. We’re not done yet. This year, we’re giving access to another 1000. This is why we have partnered with Datacamp to help 1000 women build skills and careers in data.

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

  • Must be a youth (16-40)
  • Must be female/a woman
  • Must have financial need
  • Must be a little tech-savvy
  • Have little or no skill in data
  • Proof of African citizenship
  • Must have intentions of impacting Africa with this skill
  • Must have the resources and time to take the courses
  • A history of  participation in the local tech ecosystem could be a plus
  • Interested in upskilling in data and probably pursuing a career in data
  • Must show positive potential for – employability, potential growth rate, impact, etc.
  • In good social standing (no racial slurs, sexist slurs, or any negative social activity)
  • Other requirements deemed necessary by Ingressive For Good and Datacamp.

Number of Scholarships: 1000 slots

Duration of Scholarship: 24 weeks

*We receive tens of thousands of applications, but there are only 1000 slots. The quality of your answers makes all the difference.

Apply here


  1. Hi my name is Ruth Eberechi Onyemauwa

    1. User Avatar

      Nice to meet you.

  2. Please I want to inquire if the organization works with pairview because I got a mail from them which includes all the courses I picked before I reply their mail.

    1. User Avatar

      Hello Ijeoma, please send us an email with more details

  3. Thanks for receiving my application, I look forward to been a part of the chosen once for the this scholarship. God’s bless…

    1. User Avatar

      Wishing you the very best

  4. Hi am the Founder of The Challenged Foundation in Ghana. Can we have some slot for disabled women??

    May I also know if its going to be an online or onsite training. Thank you

    1. User Avatar

      Hello Veronica, we just sent you an email to discuss this in detail

  5. I will be glad to be part of this program

    1. User Avatar

      Wishing you the very best

  6. I have heard a lot of wonderful things I4G had been doing in the life of jobless youths. I sincerely hope that I would be among the chosen 1000 women in Data 2022. Thanks for the great opportunity.

    1. User Avatar

      Thank you very much! Wishing you the very best

  7. Thank you for the response

  8. I really do hope I make it into the 1000 slots, it’ll be a dream come true for me and a means of elevating poverty in my immediate home and environs by sharing my knowledge and helping younger girls.

    1. User Avatar


  9. Hello, everyone. I hope you all have had a great day so far.

    I heard that the announcements will be made today. Has anyone gotten any news yet?

    1. User Avatar

      Announcement were made today. Please check your spam, promotions, socials and every folder in your email

  10. Good evening I4G.
    Please how do we know if we got the scholarships, are we going to get a mail or a call?

    1. User Avatar

      Announcement were made today. Please check your spam, promotions, socials and every folder in your email

  11. I did not manage to accept the offer in good time.
    Can I get assistance

    1. User Avatar

      Awww sad to hear this, the timeline has expired.

  12. Hi 14G, thanks for this ample opportunity. However, I have not been able to register for the 1000 women in data scholarship since June. I will be glad if i am enrolled. Thank you

    1. User Avatar

      Hello Mabel,

      Sad to hear that. If you were not able to successfully apply before the deadline, you may have to wait until the next cohort

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