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It all starts from your mind! Your mindset plays an important role in determining the outcome of your life. What you say, what you believe affects the decisions you make. Your money mindset is what makes up your beliefs and attitude towards money, it affects how and what money decisions you make because mindset is a foundation you build on.

If you want to build wealth and gain financial freedom, a good place to start is your mindset about money because if you change it, you would make better decisions and be able to overcome some “difficult” challenges. A typical example is investments. A lot of people think investment is only for the rich. This is wrong! As long as you earn some money, you can invest and you don’t have to start with a million. 

In this blog, we would be building the right money mindset together. All you need to do is commit to applying these tips. Are you ready?

But before we start, ask yourself these questions and answer sincerely;

–          What are my fears about money?

–          Do I believe I can be successful?

–          What are my financial goals?

–          Do I believe I can live a broke-free life?

Now to the steps we are taking;

1.  It all starts with a decision: You need to decide what you want. Have it in mind that it’s a process and you need to be committed to it. Being financially successful doesn’t happen by wishful thinking. Understand that the decisions you’d make would pull you closer or away from your financial goals.

2.  Declutter the lies: Growing up, you’ve heard some things about money. These things have been practiced by others and passed on to you. Some are good and some aren’t. For you to move forward, you need to let go of the money myths. Some are; “I can always save later”, “it’s normal to have a lot of debt”, “If you can’t stop thinking about it then buy it”, “you don’t need an emergency fund if you don’t want bad things to happen to you” and so much more.

3.  Get educated: How do you make the right decisions if you don’t know the right thing to do? Financial literacy is very important in managing money and that’s why we partnered with Money Africa to empower 10,000 women with financial skills. There was also a session where the founder of Money Africa taught on managing personal finance as a techie. If you missed it, you can watch the webinar here. Don’t make decisions without informed knowledge.

4.  Plan based on “You”: Your lifestyle, goals, income, needs, wants are factors you should consider when making decisions. It shouldn’t be about what others are doing but what works for you. Don’t let societal standards, family, friends dictate how you should manage your finances.

5.  Know your “why”: Why do you want to build wealth, why financial freedom? Write it down somewhere and have it in mind so when you need to make decisions, you can think about your why and let it motivate you to do the right thing.

6.  Allow yourself to dream: It’s okay to dream big and want great things. Don’t let your background prevent you from wanting more. You can be wealthy even if you’re not from a wealthy family. We know it’s possible and here’s why we think so. You’re probably the first or only techie in your family. Isn’t that something no one else has done in your family? That’s proof that you are limitless and you can achieve anything you want to. You’re walking towards your dreams of building a successful tech career even if it’s probably something no one in your family has done before. Dream big!

It’s very possible for you to achieve whatever you want to achieve. You can live a broke-free life and your background should not limit you. Think about what you want and start doing things that can help you get closer to your goals.

Did you find this blog post useful? Let us know some steps you want to take towards having the right money mindset and gaining financial freedom. 


  1. I got selected for financial literacy awareness course /program but didn’t receive email on what to do next

    1. User Avatar

      Hello Esther,

      Have you received an email now? Please check and let us know how that goes

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