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StudentBuilds Study Group 2020: David Mobolaji, Frontend Developer.

” I’m David Mobolaji , a 21 year old cellist and writer. I am a medical student but school had been put on hold since March 2020 because of the pandemic. It had been quite exhausting getting through the pandemic and the idleness that came from being out of school for so long. So I decided to pour myself into learning a new skill. I started with the basics of frontend development to pass time when a friend put up the flyer about I4G StudentBuild study group on her status and that was how I came to know about the study group.

I decided to participate in the program because it was the first thing that offered some form of structure to the learning process with a community too. Before joining the program, I had access to quite a myriad of resources online and it was hard to just choose one path to stick to. The study group helped solve this by providing a course path that I had to stick to, report progress, hand in assignments and that helped me so much. While I was learning on my own I had issues with being consistent but the study group kept me on my toes with the weekly deadlines.

Going through this process has helped me build my confidence. I used to think I just had to know what to do at every point but I learned that I’d be needing help and guidance from the internet and mentors  for quite a while and that doesn’t make me less of a developer. It makes me a better developer. The program helped me see that the journey to being a developer is a marathon not a sprint. I can testify that there’s a world of difference between where I am presently and where I used to be. 

The Capstone project was an interesting experience, it was really exciting to see what I could do. I needed help at various times and the community showed up at those times. The whole process was satisfying.

There’s so much to learn and I look forward to every bit of the process and I’d absolutely recommend I4G to anyone who’s looking to start a career in tech as the right place to find a supportive community and a ton of helpful resources, for free!”

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