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Unless you are sponsored by I4G HQ, you probably don’t have the budget for a high-scale event. This means you will need sponsors on your side. Of course, getting a sponsor is easier said than done. But, we’re here to help. Sponsors want what you have, i.e your community. A few tips in getting sponsors:

    1. Create a list of sponsors: Target personal connections, leverage I4G HQ. Target companies reaching developers, designers, your awesome community! You need to identify unique incentives.

    2. Connect with your sponsors: Your goal when connecting with potential sponsors is to get a meeting, not close the deal immediately. Connect through LinkedIn or emails etc. Build a long term relationship to keep sponsors.

    3. Determine the type of sponsorship: For physical events, you might be looking at food, swags, etc. While, online events can be internet or virtual gifts for your community. You can propose different package levels and what you will provide for the sponsors at each level.

    4. Find the right person to approach the company: The best place to start is the marketing department except there is an established relationship. Reach out to employees of the company that are relevant to your community on social media (Leverage tech twitter). Be sure to check the company’s website; some companies have information about sponsorship on their website.

    5. Timing is important: Some companies do sponsorship at certain times in a year, take note of those periods. Send your proposals 3-4 months prior to that time and do follow-ups!. Aim to secure sponsorship for more than 1 event.

    6. Craft an attractive sponsorship proposal: Start with a compelling story, describe your mission, and what the company can benefit from. Describe your community demographics, and don’t sell yourself short. Always do follow-ups!

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