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The following templates will help you in writing emails for inviting speakers, requesting sponsorship, and seeking possible partnerships.

Speaker Template

A good speaker invitation should be a formal letter or email, outlining the reasons  you’re inviting them to your event.

If you’re unsure about a potential speaker, instead of sending a formal speaker invitation, reach out more informally, saying you think their work is great and you’d love to have them speak with your community members. Get on a call or meet with them, and assess from there.

Essential components of a speaker invitation

  • The name, date, and venue of the event
  • The theme or focus of the event
  • Why you think they would be a great speaker for your event
  • Why it would benefit them
  • How they can contact you


Dear  “Speakers name“

I hope this email finds you well.

My name is Your Name and I’m the Your Role at Your Circle. I’m honored to invite you to speak at I4GNAME event name happening on Date. I am a huge fan of the speakers’ work and the way you something you  like about them and would be excited if you would join us.

The event is a type of event and you’ll be talking about topic for duration with an audience of about no of students in where. Our goal is to program goal .

Your talk will be recorded and edit may be hosted on our YouTube channel.

We believe your voice would be a critical addition to our community members. Please let us know by date whether or not you would be interested in speaking.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Ambassador Name

Ingressive for Good Lead / Co-Lead Ambassador



Dear “Sponsor/Partner’s Name”

I hope this email finds you well.

My name is***“Ambassador Name”*** and I’ll be organizing an I4GNAME type of event on Date.  I4GNAME is a community of young designers and programmers leveraging tech to solve problems.

Ingressive for Good (I4G) launched in July 2020 with a Bold mission to train 1 million African youths with tech skills, deploy $1 million in micro-scholarship funding and connect our community members to 5,000 jobs in 5 years.

At Name of Event event, we will … explain.

We’re excited to be an approved I4G Circle and are reaching out to a select group of companies committed to the empowerment of African Youths in Tech. We felt our efforts would go further with Sponsor/Partner’s Name as an official partner/sponsor.

This is an excellent opportunity for your company to launch a CSR initiative on our campus with Company’s name providing Skills/Resources and in turn, we would promote your company to our Number of community members and get them to something you can do for them.

We would love to discuss more details with you and can’t wait to hear back.

Warm Regards,

Ambassador Name

Ingressive for Good Lead / Co-Lead Ambassador



Inviting Community Members to Your Events

In cases where you have Sponsors or Partners, make sure to include them in your invites depending on the case-by-case basis.


Name of Event is in 5 days!

Here’s what’s happening.  ******(Share more details)

You don’t want to miss this!

Join here (include your form link).


See you in an hour!

Today is the Name of Event and it starts in 1 hour.

We are excited to bring you talks from Speaker’s Name (Share more details)


Join here (include the link for them to join).


See you in 5 mins

The Name of Event starts in 5 minutes!

This is your 5 mins warning for the Name of Event. Get ready for another must-see content from I4GNAME.

We’re going to be talking about topic.


Join here (include the link for them to join).

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