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Social Media: How to Manage Distractions and Achieve Career Success

Managing distractions on social media has become such a big challenge for a lot of people. You may have even considered taking a social media break just so you can catch your breath from the never ending notifications. But what if we told you that those very platforms, often seen as big distractions, can be transformed into your career success tools? 

Here are 4 career benefits you can gain from social media:

1. Personal Branding

Social media is a great place to showcase your expertise and personality. By consistently sharing valuable insights about what you do, your skills, career experiences and your professional journey, you can build a personal brand that sets you apart and helps you attract opportunities.

2. Network Expansion

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter (X), Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are great for networking. All you need to do is share content about who you are and what you do. Doing this makes it easier for you to connect with professionals, join relevant communities, and engage in meaningful conversations that opens doors of opportunities and valuable relationships for you. 

3. Knowledge and Skill Development

By following thought leaders in your industry, you’d have the opportunity to learn from the valuable insights they share for free! You might also be able to connect with some of them, build a relationship that gives you the opportunity to get mentored. Some social media platforms like LinkedIn even have free online courses you can take to gain and improve your skills.

4. Job Opportunities

Companies often use social media as a medium to advertise available job openings. Job adverts are not limited to LinkedIn alone, you can find some on Instagram, Twitter (X), Facebook and even WhatsApp groups too. There are even some individuals who partner with organizations to share job opportunities with their followers. Follow such people so you don’t miss a job opportunity. You might just get your dream job! 

Now that you know the ways social media can become a tool for career success, here are 3 attention management tips to help you manage your time and eliminate distractions:

1. Set Boundaries

Create a schedule that helps you set time for work/school and personal time to be on social media. For instance, if you work/school from 8am – 5pm, you can keep your phone away from you during this period. If you have to work using your phone, you can curate a “work mode” setting on your phone so certain apps are not active during the period you need to concentrate on work. 

2. Notification Detox

Turn off notifications from apps that you consider distracting. If you don’t see notifications every time, it’s easier to stay focused on what you’re doing. Minimize the distractions, turn off notifications!

3. Curate your feed for YOU

If there are certain accounts that get you distracted with unnecessary information, you might need to unfollow or mute them. You can organize your feed to only show you content that positively impacts you. If you’re spending time on social media at least you’d be adding value to yourself. 

Social media is what you make it. It can either be a distraction that affects your productivity and other areas of your life negatively or you can use it as a tool for career success and to connect with your loved ones. 

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful. Share with someone too. 

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