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Oluwatofunmi Felicia Okofu- 1000WIDesign Study Team Lead

Ingressive for Good partnered with Geneza School of Design to help 1000 women build skills and careers in design. During the training, we realized the need and benefits of study buddies to better help the women learn and complete their courses. So we created study groups. At the end of the program, we recorded over 70% completions. Oluwatofunmi Felicia Okofu tells us about her experience leading a study group, the impact she made and the impact it had on her.

“I am Oluwatofunmi Felicia Okofu. I am a Program Manager. I applied for the Women in Design scholarship because I was transitioning into tech as a Product Manager and I was interested in understanding the aspects of Product Designs. 

When I heard that I was selected, I felt very happy because I know it takes a lot of commitment and I was ready to give that a shot. 

I applied to lead one of the groups because I understand what it feels like to get needed attention when one is totally confused, new at something. I also wanted to serve, and understand people’s pain points and be privileged to proffer solutions however I can. 

My biggest challenge as a leader was getting engagement. You know it’s not easy to drive engagements virtually. So I took it upon myself to come up with topics, contents that would drive community engagement for the purpose of the program. The turn up wasn’t encouraging at the start but gradually it increased. 

I enjoyed connecting and bonding with people. I was  able to convince people in different ways that we all can count on each other to climb the ladder of success on the journey. 

The things I learnt as a leader included patience, perseverance, resilience and communication. As a learner I also learned consistency, diligence, and attention to details 

I am so proud of my journey. Looking at one of my favorite designs so far gives me a sense of fulfillment. I’m challenged to be more.”

You can reach Oluwatofunmi here



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