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Nora’s Journey to Becoming A Creative Designer

My name is Nora. I am a final year student studying electrical engineering. I have always had a flair for colors and patterns and as a result, I decided to start fashion designing. Juggling  school and sewing for customers wasn’t easy for me because both were demanding and time consuming. Luckily for me, a friend of mine told me about UI/UX design. I wasn’t interested at first because I thought it involved coding. My mindset at the time was that all tech careers involved coding.

I eventually did some research about product design and fell in love with it. 

I found out about the I4G Women In X program and applied for the #1000WomenInDesign scholarship program I4G partnered with Geneza School of Design to provide. 

It was such an amazing experience. Even though I had no prior knowledge of product design, I was able to understand what was taught.

I also love that I4G didn’t stop at giving us a platform to learn. Accountability groups were created to help us grow and learn together and I must say that contributed to my progress.

I was able to interact with other learners and we could learn from each other. It felt like I had my own community. 

I couldn’t juggle school, product design and sewing for customers so I decided to drop sewing. I knew I could get more opportunities being a designer so I put in my best to learn and practice.

In a bid to practice what I had learnt, I participated in the I4G #30DaysofDesignChallenge to improve the skills I had gained from the program and it sure helped!

I was really excited when I was announced the winner of the challenge!

Because of the certificate I got from the #1000WomenInDesign scholarship program, I have been able to start earning more money as a tech freelancer. I earn so much more than I did from sewing. 

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a beneficiary of the program. If not for the scholarship provided by I4G, I wouldn’t be able to afford the program. It has made a great impact in my career and finances. I have access to more opportunities because of it. 

Thank you to everyone who has contributed their time, money and resources to making this possible for me!

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