One of the greatest nightmares of any Software Developer is fixing bugs and this can make even the most experienced developers feel like novices. From looking for the bug to fixing it can be a heartbreaking experience that will make you question your career choice. I’ve been there, it’s crazy. 

In this article, I will be sharing with you the two extensions I use frequently to increase my code health and help debug easily. 

Why these two? Because they help debug easily and automate unit test creation. I’m very lazy at writing unit tests as they most often slow down my workflow. 

Jest Runner: Vscode-jest-runner is focused on running or debugging a specific test or test-suite, while vscode-jest is running your current test-suite every time you change it.

  • Developer Ready: A comprehensive JavaScript testing solution. It  works out of the box for most JavaScript projects.
  • Instant Feedback: Fast, interactive watch mode only runs test files related to changed files.
  • Snapshot Testing: Captures snapshots of large objects to simplify testing and to analyze how they change over time.

Ponicode Unit Tests: Ponicode is an AI-powered extension pack that generates unit tests for you. It also helps you create, visualize and run unit tests for your functions quickly and easily, thanks to ML-generated test scenarios and an intuitive graphical interface.

  • Removes repetitive and annoying parts of unit testing: Smart imports and instantiation, full test body generation
  • Generate relevant inputs and instantiation with AI-powered technology
  • Show you where you should focus your unit testing effort and what should be tested
  • Increase code coverage and quality and maintains it over time
  • Increase code robustness and early bug detection
It all started on the first day of July in 2020, with only four team members and a big dream that birthed Ingressive for Good. At this very moment, two years later, it is beautiful to see how far we have come. We have gone from 0 to 200,000 community members and trained almost 100,000...
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“The one thing that you refuse to stop doing consistently will eventually pay off.” I learned the above reality from the reflection on what happened to me in a few years. In 2017 when I started my tech career journey, it was a tough time for me and my friends but we believed that our...
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“My name is Kingsley David. I wanted to acquire relevant IT skills to pursue jobs related to the tech industry I was interested in. In my search for affordable platforms to learn these skills, I came across Ingressive for Good (I4G) from a Workspace on Slack. A couple of my colleagues posted a link to...
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I4G ambassadors program has been a very dynamic experience for me. It shaped me in more ways than I expected. It all started with the leadership courses we did on Coursera during our onboarding process. My favorite was ‘How to influence people effortlessly’. It shaped the way I lead people in general, not only in...
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Last year, we helped 1000 women build skills in data to challenge the fact that women make up a measly 15% of all data scientists globally. We’re not done yet. This year, we’re giving access to another 1000. This is why we have partnered with Datacamp to help 1000 women build skills and careers in...
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Participating and serving the community as a circle lead is an eye-opening and refreshing experience for me. I learned to stretch myself to reach and surpass my full potential as a leader and a communicator. During this opportunity, I and my co-lead worked together, and we built the team we needed to execute the herculean...
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“As an I4G Co-Lead Ambassador, it’s been quite a memorable journey working with my team members as we get to share ideas and learn to accept other people’s ideas even when they aren’t exactly our choice. After signing up as an ambassador, I got access to numerous opportunities, including a job opening atIngressive for Good....
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“My name is Galleh Solomon. I loved web development but so many things have stalled my progressdue to the pandemic. I didn’t have the resources I needed and I wasn’t in an environment with manypeople to run to for help and online courses were very expensive. A friend introduced me to the community and I...
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Co-Lead, I4G Obafemi AwolowoUniversity. “Ingressive For Good (I4G) Network has given me a community of practicing and aspiring tech professionals in Africa to interact with. The community provides access to training, resources and toolsneeded for a successful career, business and increased earning power. As a student ambassador, I have been impacted and it has shaped...
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