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How to Stay Motivated While Job Searching

Job searching can be challenging. It can sometimes feel like a marathon! You need to be patient, resilient and motivated at the same time. Most times, you already feel emotionally, mentally and financially drained so it’s difficult to stay positive. 

If you find yourself in this situation, remember that you’re not alone. I4G is always here for you! 

Here are some tips to help you stay motivated and positive during your job search journey.

1. Set clear goals

Treat your job search as a project. You need to clearly define your goals. It can be deciding the number of applications you want to send per week, attending networking events, or improving specific skills you’ll need to land a job. Having your goals clearly stated will give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment when you’re able to achieve something even if it’s not getting a job just yet.

2. Celebrate small wins

Acknowledge even the smallest victories. Getting a positive response to an application or making a valuable connection during a networking even can boost your morale and keep you motivated. Make sure you document this wins so you can reflect when you feel down and when you finally get a job, you’d have a journal to celebrate your journey. 

3. Stay organized

Keep track of your job applications, networking contacts, and interviews. This not only helps you stay on top of your progress but also prevents unnecessary stress caused by disorganization or forgetting to follow up when necessary. 

4. Learn and upskill

Use this time to enhance your skill set. Do some research to know the skills you need for the job position you want. Enroll in online courses, workshops, or certifications relevant to your field so you can gain these skills. Learning new things will keep your mind refreshed and show potential employers your commitment to growth.

5. Practice self care

There’s no doubt job searching can be emotionally draining. Practice self-care activities such as exercising, meditating, or pursuing hobbies. Do things you love with people you love. A healthy body and mind will keep you focused and motivated. 

6. Volunteer

Consider volunteering or taking on freelance work in your field. This not only keeps you engaged but also adds valuable experience to your resume.

7. Join a community.

 It’s easy to become isolated during this period. This can make you start to feel alone and depressed. Joining a community will help you learn from others who have gotten jobs and navigate this phase with those who are also job searching. You can join the I4G Community here so you have access to other techies who are building their careers in tech. Talk to friends about how you feel too. 

8. Have a positive mindset

Maintain a positive mindset! Visualize yourself succeeding in your job search, and remind yourself that setbacks are temporary. Surround yourself with positivity, whether by spending time with people that encourage you or doing fun things. 

9. Set realistic expectations

Understand that job searching takes time. Not every application will lead to an interview, and not every interview will result in an offer. Be prepared for rejection and use it as an opportunity to become better. 

10. Focus on growth

See unemployment as a chance to grow personally and professionally. Use this time to reflect on your career goals, values, and aspirations.

Staying motivated during your job search is not a walk in the park. Take it easy with yourself and appreciate the steps you’re taking to achieve success. 

Embrace the process, learn from challenges, and keep pushing forward. With determination and a positive mindset, you’ll find yourself not just landing a new job, but also emerging from this phase stronger and more resilient than ever before.

We hope this encourages you! 

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