How to make the most of an online course

 In the last few months Ingressive For Good has been rolling out courses back to back and we’re excited you’re learning and flexing your skills. We know how hard it can be to go through intensive training. And as usual, we are here to help you out. 

  1. Pick a time that works best for you: Let’s be honest, not everyone an dedicate 6 hours a day to learning and that is completely fine, it’s important you pick a time and a duration each day you can dedicate to your course that way it’s easy to break it down and make the most of the experience without overwhelming yourself.
  1. Take the course with a friend: Everything is 10 times more fun with a partner, find a friend that’s also starting out in tech and enroll into the course together. Plan study sessions and share ideas. You know what? Don’t limit it to just one friend, go ahead and form a community of  techies and make it a whole thing. The best journeys are the ones taken with other people
  1. Choose your spot: Here’s a question: where are you most productive? IS it your bed, workspace or outside? Then that is the place you probably should have your study sessions. Learning doesn’t have to choke, it can be done in your comfort zone  and that’s the beauty of Online learning and remote working ( but that’s gist for another day) 
  1. Know your ‘why’: It’s important that you constantly remind yourself why you are taking the course in the first place, because on some days you might not get the results you want and it can be frustrating. Here is a pro tip; Before you start your course, state you’why’ in your journal, a sticky note or even make it the wallpaper of your device. Motivation is an important part of every journey. 
  1. Take a break; Dear Techie, you do not have to finish your entire course in two days. Don’t spend long hours studying, that’s the easiest way to burn out. Break your course down and make sure you have rest days. 

Now there’s the ultimate guide, quick question, What course are you currently enrolled in (tell us in the comment section) you may just find your study buddy ! 

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61 Responses
  1. Salma

    Really helpful tips as I tried doing a lot in one day and ended up feeling burnt out! Currently taking the product management course! A study buddy or group won’t be bad I guess 🙂

  2. Gloria Imomoh

    Thank you for these tips. It certainly helps. Currently enrolled in a Product Management course and I am enjoying every part of it.
    Thankful for the Ingressive for good and Tamborin scholarship .

  3. Yahaya Muhammad

    I am really happy to have come across this, as I am currently facing some these challenges mentioned. I need a study buddy.

  4. Ababio Caleb

    Thank you so much for the opportunity and platform Ingressive4Good. Currently enrolled in Data Science course. I am very grateful!

    1. Jane Nonye Madueke

      Enrolled in data science at Entry level but I think I really need your assistance. Thanks to ingressive for good.

  5. Valentine Sampson

    Am currently enrolled into product management and 14G Data science and I think am lagging behind

    I need a study partner,mentor and a push

  6. Esson Peter

    The points highlighted are inspiring.
    Thank you for being committed to our growth and learning…

    My course is Web development @I4G&ZURI.
    Frontend, part-time.

  7. Onyinye

    Thanks I4G for sharing this.

    Currently learning technical writing. Niching down in Blockchain world. I really need a partner and who has or is building in same skill.

    It’s not been easy though, doing a 9-5 Monday – Saturday. Really need a buddy/accountability partner.

  8. Godsent Vincent Omagbemi

    Thank you for the tips.
    I’m studying Product management.
    And I’d really love to have an accountability partner.

  9. Tijjani Ibrahim

    Thank you @ingressive for good for rare opportunity! I’ve finished 4 courses now on datacamp, Data Science for everyone, Data analysis with excel, introduction to spreadsheet, Data Analysis with Spreadsheet.

    I’m currently on break, looking forward to accomplish more.

    Pls, I need study partner and advice from senior colleagues on which course should I take next on my journey to becoming certified Data Analysis, thanks

    1. Hello Abigail,

      You can scroll within the comments in this post to find someone. We see Atinuke is also on the Data Science with Python track, say hello to her. Wishing you the best.

    1. Hello Francisca,

      You can get a study partner when the group opens up on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday or you can scroll within the comments in this post to find someone. Wishing you the best.

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