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How to Land Your First Job as a Digital Marketer

We launched our first Marketing scholarship program with Meta this year! 

To equip our #I4GMarketing learners with skills they need to get jobs after the program, we invited Oluwatofunmi Alo, Marketing and Communications Lead at Spleet to speak to our community about getting their first jobs. 

Here are some things we learnt from this conversation

1. Show your workings

If you’re just starting out your career, get some experience. You can do this by using your skills to improve your friend/family members’ business, create projects and put the skills you’ve gained to work so you have something to show when you apply for a job interview. Doing this gives you an edge in any job interview. People want to see the work you are able to do, certificates are great but they aren’t enough. This is one of the greatest hacks to getting a job. 

2. Start from where you are

If you currently have a job but you’re looking to switch careers, you can reach out to the marketing team in your company to work with them. Another way you can make yourself valuable is by identifying problems/loopholes in that industry or company and talk about how your skills and knowledge gained would be useful in solving that problem. 

    This would give you an opportunity to train faster. You would be able to learn from others and get corrected when you make mistakes. Look at it as a training opportunity for you. 

    3. Optimize your CV outlets

    Your CV outlets are your social media accounts such as LinkedIn. Most companies look through social media accounts of job applicants before hiring. Social media is a good place to showcase your skills. Use your social media accounts to show how knowledgeable you are. You can share your thoughts about something you read, what you’re working on or something you have learnt while taking an online course. If you’ve shared content that’s relevant to your career path on social media, you can share a link to your accounts when you apply for jobs.

    4. Never stop learning

    Digital Marketing is always evolving! Algorithms, trends, tools change over time and even people evolve too. What worked some months ago might not be working now. You need to keep improving yourself so you are always on top of your game. Look for new ways to improve your knowledge. 

    We hope this blog post was eye-opening for you. If you’re looking to apply for job opportunities, we wrote a CV Writing ebook for you. It would help you build an effective CV to land a job, get it here You can also download our Job Search ebook here for free!


    1. Please I want to know more about digital marketing.Can I get a scholarship training pls

      1. User Avatar

        We always announce when we have a scholarship opportunity. Follow us on social media @Ingressive4Good so you don’t miss an announcement.

    2. Insightful! if an individual want to enter to the job market ( in this case Digital Marketer), these steps will be a roadmap and create feeling of confidence to start a career.

      1. User Avatar

        Yes! It is.. Share with someone too.

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