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Hear from Hassanat Abubakar: Alumni of the Month

I love the community newsletters we receive. They always encourage me to keep going. From the I4G community, I have learnt to showcase my skills, be active at tech events so people can know more about who I am and what I do. 

My name is Hassanat Abubakar, I am an associate product manager and I have I4G to thank for that!

After I graduated from the university, I started the mandatory NYSC. Before I completed my service year, the hospital I worked at experienced a crisis and I knew there was no way I could get retained because it was a difficult time for the hospital and it seemed like it would take a long time to recover. Getting a job as a biochemist in Nigeria is hard so I started looking for other opportunities. I met an old friend who told me about product management. I thought it was interesting so I started taking a free course online. Self learning was difficult especially because the course wasn’t well structured so it made learning frustrating. I had not completed my service at the hospital so I was still going to work physically. Combining work and the long hours in Lagos traffic made me exhausted whenever I got back home so it was hard to complete the course. 

I found out about the #NextAfricanPM scholarship program I4G partnered with EntryLevel to provide and I applied. Thankfully, I got selected!

The course was life changing! It was well structured and the modules were broken down to help learning for a newbie like me easy. Although the course was demanding, I put my best to complete the program. I also enjoyed learning with others, I had a community I was learning with so I didn’t feel alone. The peer reviews helped and with the portfolio we were asked to create, I was confident enough to start applying for jobs immediately I completed the course. I also had support from my friends and family, they encouraged me while I took the course.

A week after I completed the scholarship program, I applied for a job using the portfolio I created. I can confidently say this gave me an upper hand because of how the interview process was. Shortly after, I got an offer letter to resume as a product management intern.

6 months after my internship at the company, I got promoted to Associate Product Manager! This is me that started learning product management in less than a year!

I couldn’t have achieved this without the support of the I4G community, my friends and family. I’m glad I took the bold step of learning product management. 

My advice to anyone looking to build a career in tech is, do your research and be sure you are building a skill in a field that you love. Don’t give up! Keep putting in the effort, it’d pay off!


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    Each time i get locked in into this website, i get really motivated and it makes me believe that i can be among it, i can be one the women making impact in Africa

    1. User Avatar

      Yes! We love your energy. We’re happy you find her story inspiring, we can’t wait to see the amazing things you’d do too. Rooting for you superstar!

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