Hear from Babatunde Badejo, winner of the I4G community CV challenge .

“CV writing is a survival skill necessary to get a soft landing in the labor market. To me, it’s a skill every career person needs to get or pay someone for. I never imagined that you could stand a chance to win a prize for knowing how to do what’s necessary for you to know. This challenge has proven to me that the quest for knowledge can be rewarded in different ways. I believe that C.V writing is one thing I’m very good at. However, I wrote, edited and re-edited knowing my proficiency in this part will be checked by professionals who know far better than I do. This alone pushed me to research more to add the perfect icing to my cake.”

Here is a link to her winning CV- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1du7UpwbURnb4ap3hFlVYQeHm50vltUS7

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