Ingressive for good hackfest

I4G HackFest 2021

Ingressive For Good HackFest is an annual festival focused on bringing the community together to showcase talents, ideas, and businesses with a focus on technology in Africa.

FinData Transformation

Over 80% of Fortune 100 companies conduct hackathons to drive innovation. I4G HackFest 2021 will be conducting a virtual Hackathon in partnership with Mono. This is the right time to drive sustainable innovations and build projects that address pressing real-life business problems and social issues. It will run for over 50 hours where African techies will collaborate and virtually build proofs of concept and minimum viable products (MVPs) for a specific pre-defined problem or simply innovate.

As a part of our goal to connect 5,000 of our community members to jobs over the next five years, we are building a talent development pipeline that ends at your doorstep. Below we are outlines of the skills and programs contributing to our talent pipeline.

The core talents we are focused on developing within the I4G Alumni community are

Hire a talent

I4G is focused on increase the earning power of Africans by equipping them with value adding tech skills. The data collected will assist us in matching you with candidates from our I4G Alumni talent pool.

Tech Awards 2021

Ingressive For Good is looking to recognise and celebrate individuals and companies in the tech community that areĀ  positioning themselves as pillars of the community and contributing to the overall African tech ecosystem.

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