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Hackfest Tech Awards 2021

Ingressive For Good is looking to recognise and celebrate individuals and companies in the tech community that are  positioning themselves as pillars of the community and contributing to the overall African tech ecosystem.

Award Categories

Nominate a woman working in tech who you’d like to celebrate for her outstanding work and achievements.
Nominate a man in tech whose achievements and work you’d like to recognize
Nominate your favorite influencer in tech
Nominate an individual or company whose investments in tech in 2021 was of the most influence.
Nominate a Student who’s also working in tech and making waves
Nominate a young techie who’s shattering glass ceilings in tech
Nominate an individual who started a company in 2021 and has made remarkable achievements so far
Nominate a startup with impressive achievements between January 2021 and now
Nominate an individual whose design and work inspired you throughout the year
Nominate a software developer whose work you were most inspired by in the year
Nominate a person who has built a career in data and is doing an excellent job at it
Nominate your favorite product manager
Nominate your favorite marketer in the tech space

How to Nominate

To nominate your faves, fill this form. You would be required to input a means to contact your nominee (preferably an email address). We would also require that you tell us why your nominee deserves the award. You may include a link to their work or simply tell us how and why they inspire you.

You can nominate for as many categories as you’d like.

Nominations close on the 24th of December 2021

Recognition Awards

These are non-voting categories to be decided by a vetted selection committee in-house.

This award will go to the Ambassador whose hard work and creativity was most apparent in the year
This award will go to the I4G Circle that hit the most goals in record time
Nonvoting category winners will be announced on 19th of Dec, 2021 at the I4G HackFest 2021.

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