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Fisayo’s Courageous Move to Fulfilling Her Dreams!

Growing up, I really wanted to be a doctor so when it was time to apply for admission in the University I applied to study medicine at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria (OAU) but unfortunately, I wasn’t offered an admission to study medicine. I was offered biochemistry but I accepted it anyway.

From my first year in the university, I knew for a fact that I didn’t want to build a career in biochemistry so I decided to pursue my other passion- leadership.

I applied to study at the African Leadership University, Rwanda to learn to build leadership skills that would fix the leadership crisis in Africa. I believe the major reason we have high crime rate, unemployment, poverty and crisis in Nigeria is bad leadership and I was determined to fix that. The tuition fees were pretty high and I knew my parents could not afford it but I was determined so I applied for a scholarship. I got awarded $2,000 out of $3,000! I was excited but I knew I had to do more to raise the remaining fees.

I took a bold step and started a Gofundme campaign. I shared with friends and family. I pushed and did everything I could to raise some money but I didn’t get so much from it. Only a few people donated. I left my undergraduate studies at OAU to pursue my dreams in Rwanda with only a part of my fees. My plan was to learn an in-demand skill and start working to raise the money and that was where tech came in.

I have always enjoyed being on social media so I felt Digital Marketing was going to be a good fit for me. I also did some research and found out digital marketing is a high-paying skill that is required in every industry so it was perfect for my goal of raising my tuition fees.

I saw a post one day by I4G about the #I4GMarketing scholarship program and I immediately applied for it. I was so excited when I got the congratulatory email.

The thought of learning digital marketing with Meta made me really happy! Its a big deal what I4G is doing.

The courses in the program were so insightful. I learnt so much from it. I enjoyed practicing with the tasks too and interacting with other learners. I have even made friends from the community. I started sharing my learnings online and this gave me visibility. I started getting job offers before completing the course.

I have resumed with one of the organizations and I now earn money.

I didn’t just get empowered with tech skills. I got the rest of my fees because I was sharing my learnings from the #I4GMarketing course. Someone reached out to me on LinkedIn and we had a conversation. He was happy that I was learning a tech skill while schooling. Being an alumni of African Leadership University himself, he offered to pay the rest of my school fees.

I am so happy! I have my tuition skills paid in full. I have also been empowered with a tech skill by I4G and I have a job to support myself through school.

Thank you I4G!


  1. This is so inspiring Fisayo. Well done!

    1. User Avatar

      Thank you for your kind words! We can’t wait to share your story too

  2. Super inspiring Fisayo. I also applied to learn a tech skill in product design from Ingressive, hoping to get my congratulatory email also. I can’t wait to start a career in my chosen tech field as my degree in political science isn’t my passion.

    1. User Avatar

      We hope you get your hearts desires!

      1. This is so inspiring and exciting Fisayo, well done. I can’t wait to be part of I4G also to pursue my dream career of tech industry.

        1. User Avatar

          Awww this is so sweet. Follow us on social media @Ingressive4Good

  3. That’s a bold move. So inspiring . Well done Fisayo.

    1. User Avatar

      We know right!

  4. Love your bravery! Only a few can take these steps

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