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Chimgozirim Amadi- 1000WIDesign Study Team Lead

Ingressive for Good partnered with Geneza School of Design to help 1000 women build skills and careers in design. During the training, we realized the need and benefits of study buddies to better help the women learn and complete their courses. So we created study groups. At the end of the program, we recorded over 70% completions. Chimgozirim Amadi tells us about her experience leading a study group, the impact she made and the impact it had on her.

“My name is Chimgozirim Amadi and I’m a 3rd year student in the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT). Before I applied for the I4G X Geneva training, I earned as a writer. And while I enjoyed the work I did, I applied for the training for two reasons. First of all, I wanted to get into tech. Secondly,  I  had nothing to do during that period because of the ASUU strike. The best option for me was to go through product design which was why I was so excited when I got enlisted for the training.

I applied to lead a team because I knew carrying such responsibilities would push me to be more invested in learning and honing my skills— and no, it wasn’t a walk in the park.

To be honest, making sure that 17 young ladies were at their best and still willing to learn and complete their training was a chore. After dropping messages on the groupchat, you have to privately DM them again, in case the group messages got lost somewhere in their chats. You had to also encourage them and find learning resources for them when they got stuck with a module.

Despite the challenges, it was really impactful.I learnt how to always be on my toes. It enhanced my confidence. Imagine someone asking for help when they’re stuck, you give them a solution and you’re getting a compliment like “Thank you so much, you’re the best”. Twas a good feeling.

Being a leader was an eye-opening experience for me. And some of the things I’ve learnt as a leader is: always put your teammates first, communicate more, be patient, persuasive, and empathic.

Before I ventured into product design, I didn’t understand why an interface of a website or mobile app had to be a certain way— I always looked at it from a writer’s view. Now, the first thing I look at when I get on a webpage or mobile app is the interface; how responsive it is, does it cater to the user, does it follow the laws of design, and others.

I think it has helped me to focus more on the user when writing, basically being more empathetic.”

Sample of the work I did during the program

After the training, I got a job where I was assigned the role of a Graphic Designer. I also got an opportunity to teach people about design. I know that this is just the beginning, and I hope to do more in the world of design.  

I really want to appreciate Ingressive for Good and Geneza School of Design for this great opportunity granted to me to improve my design skills.” 

You can reach Chimgozirim here




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